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The Influence Of Middle Intensity Swimming Exercise On Testosterone In Rat

Posted on:2015-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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ObjectiveThe purpose is to investigate whether high intensity swimming exercise caninduce rat Leydig cell apoptosis or not. The effect of high intensity swimmingexercise cause rat Leydig cell apoptosis, and the effect of high intensity swimmingexercise on the level of serum testosterone. This paper probes into the possible therelationship between Leydig cel and serum testosterone. How much time is neededthat the level of serum testosterone returned to the normal, and the number ofapoptosis Leydig cell returned to the normal.MethodsWe researched60healthy male rats by high intensity swimming exercise, at thesame time the research need to increase the weight on the male rats’ tail part. Thestandard is3%-5%of itself weight. At the beginning of adaptation period, thestandard start from the low of3%.Then increased Slowly to5%. A tour includes fourdays, which exercises3days and takes a rest of1day. The experiment consists of4tours of a total.The research tested blood testosterone by radioimmunoassay. one step TUNELtest was used to calculation the index of Leydig cells apoptosis. HE staining was usedto observe the cell morphology.The grouping method is stratified random. There are two groups of a total. One isthe control group (n=10), another is exercise group (n=50). Exercise groups wereswimming on everyday6p.m.. The first cycle load itself weight3%everyday. Thesecond cycle、the third cycle、and the fourth cycle load itself weight5%everyday.Slaughter started on the four weeks later. The first group is after exercise immediately.The second group is after exercise six hours later. The third group is after exercisetwelve hours later. The fourth group is after exercise twenty-four hours later. The fifthgroup is after exercise twenty-four hours later. High intensity swimming exercise can induce rat Leydig cells apoptosis. Themore Leydig cells happen apoptosis in the first group which is exercise after highintensity swimming exercise immediately. The detected of Serum testosterone is verylow. After a period of time, Others groups, the apoptosis index of Leydig cells camedown. Serum testosterone increased.Results1)Before the experiment, the body weight of rats had no significant difference.After the experiment,48hour group and6hours group compared with the24hourgroup, there were significant difference.2)During the whole experiment the body weight of rats showed differentdegrees of growth. The control group increased mostly. What the rats body weight of6hours group increased were significant differences in the values.3)The rat diet controlled in a certain range. Food intake among the groups wassignificant difference in different degree, in which the individual comparisonsbetween groups had significant difference.4)The rat daily potable water quantity controlled in certain range. Water intakeamong the groups was significant difference in different degree, in which theindividual comparisons between groups had significant difference.5)There were no significant changes when compared between each group rattestis weights. The ratio comparison of the weight of testis and the weight of rat existsignificant difference between groups.6)The result of analysis testosterone content displayed that, there weresignificant changes between the exhausted immediately and6hours group incomparison with the control group, the24hour group and48hours group wasassociated with a change significantly in the exhausted immediately group and the6hour group comparison.Conclusions1)The weight of rats increased after a period of time physical exercise. Theweight ratio of testis showed a trend. And with the extended rest time, the ratio ismore and more big. 2)That the changes of rat diet and drinking quantity is closely related with theload level of participation in physical exercise. Individual comparisons betweengroups are extremely remarkable difference.3)After a period of high intensity swimming training, the rats’ testiculartestosterone synthesis varied according to the values of the groups.
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