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The Study Of Developing Mathematics Problem-solving Self-thinking Ability About High School Student

Posted on:2015-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since mathematics has the characteristics: the abstractness of mathematics content, the extensiveapplication, the rigorous reasoning, the clarity conclusions, the exploratory study and so on, especially thehighly abstract, all these characteristics improve the difficulty of mathematics learning. The learner cannotgrasp the essence of mathematics for the first time so it requires the learners having the perseverance,repeatedly learning, constantly exploring and self-control. That is to say, mathematics learning requiresreflective mathematics learning so that the learning process and learning goals keep consistent.Based on the contemporary constructivist theory, mathematics learning needs to be constructed in theactivity and requires the students to self-examination, summarize and abstract their active process. Onlywith the ability of self-examination, the students can link to the knowledge and transfer the knowledgewhich contributes to deepen understanding the knowledge and improve the problem solving ability. Socialprogress and the individual development also requires the improvement of the ability ofself-examination. How to cultivate the students’ reflective ability becomes a focus.Analyze to reflection learning theories at home and abroad, combined with my own practice, thepaper is over. After simply stating mathematics problem-solving self-thinking abilities and theories, myessay mainly study the concept of problem-solving thinking and how to develop students’s mathematicsthinking ability.My writing in divided into four parts:The first part mainly states the background and meaning of my writing, and also talks about studymethods and realities at home and abroad. The second part starts the basic concepts and theories of mathematics problem-solving self-thinkingability.The third part states the contents of mathematics problem-solving self-thinking ability. In details,this part includes the understanding process, related knowledge, reflection in solving mathematics,reflection on the topic of variant. To prove the importance of the self-thinking, I use the method ofanalyzing cases.The fourth part states the route of how to develop students’ problem-solving self-thinking ability.In summary, mathematics problem-solving self-thinking plays an important role in the learningprocess of mathematics. It requires teachers to guide the students to reflect on problem-solving in thenormal process of teaching, and the process of students learning, leading students to learning how toreflection on the problem-solving, and accepting the self-thinking, consciously using the self-thinking intheir mathematical problem-solving process to re-construct their own mathematical knowledge.
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