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Study Of Ecological And Moral Education Of Biological Extra-curricular Teaching Practice

Posted on:2009-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The 21st century is the human society by the industry economy time to the information society, the era of knowledge economy transformation time, human society's development, also causes the Earth which the load bearing humanity lives becomes is unable to withstand the load. Natural resource's transnormal will use, the ecological environment day-by-day worsening, the industrialization and the modernized advancement, the area development rapidly not balanced intensifies and so on to cause the world unceasingly to encounter the environment and the development huge challenge inevitably, must save the humanity, solve the Earth crisis, must work first from the ecology moral education.This article obtained from the ecology moral education's basic principle, to comb domestic, the overseas ecology moral education development process, profited from its outstanding ecology moral education idea. Then and carries on the questionnaire survey to Qidong's high school biology teachers in the school high-school seniors, understood that the ecology moral education the biological extracurricular teaching present situation, again in this foundation, take "the green school" as a platform, inquired into the ecology moral education's biological extracurricular teaching practice, is for the purpose of training the student to be able to process the human and the nature correctly, the human and the society, between the person and person's relations, improves student's overall quality, then achieves the establishment civilization harmonious society, realizes Chinese nation's great promotion.The research indicated that ecology moral education biological extracurricular teaching, both may popularize the biological discipline knowledge, sharpens student various ability and the study interest, and may enhance the student to protect the environment effectively ability, helps the student to set up the outlook on life which, the values, the world outlook adapts with the ecology moral claim, the perfect student's personality, promotes the human society healthy development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Biological extracurricular teaching, Ecology moral education, Ecological environment
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