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Study On Current Situation And Countermeasures Of The Specialty Provision Of Higher Vocational College In Gansu

Posted on:2016-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the rapid development of higher vocational education career in China, and steadily push forward higher vocational education system construction, cultivating talents, has trained a large number of senior technical skilled laborers quality, to improve the society as a whole to promote social and economic development and promote the smooth employment of the labor force has made an important contribution. But on the basis of existing achievements, it is easy to see that the current higher vocational education especially the higher vocational education in Gansu province is still not able to fully meet the needs of economic and social development of a variety of, professional structure is irrational, system and mechanism is not enough comprehensive unobstructed, teaching quality needs to be improved. According to the state council on developing higher vocational education decision "([2014] no.19) put forward" according to the market and social needs, and constantly updating the teaching contents, improving teaching methods. The reasonable adjust professional structure, vigorously develop new industries and modern service industry oriented professional, and promote the building of high-quality goods and excellent professional and teaching material "the spirit of problems of the construction of the specialty in higher vocational college is on the agenda. However, vocational college of specialty construction is a complicated and systematic project, which involves all aspects of the talents cultivation in higher vocational college, social phenomena, and Gansu province as a nationwide higher vocational education is relatively backward provinces; study how to improve the quality of education of vocational college? How to realize the quality of specialty construction in higher vocational college optimization problems such as the development of higher vocational education in Gansu province in the future is very meaningful. This study from the present situation of specialty construction in higher vocational college, Gansu province, analyzes the Gansu province general problems existing in the specialty construction in higher vocational college and the reasons for these problems, finally, in combination with the actual work of researchers themselves and the teaching experience, explore out some corresponding countermeasures to solve the problem, the main structure of this study are as follows:The first chapter is the introduction, mainly introduced the Gansu province higher vocational construction research this problem put forward the research background and research significance. Through access to different literature, the concept of "professional" is discussed, and clarifies the importance of professional construction. Through the analysis of the connotation of Higher Vocational Specialty Construction on the current situation, research on the construction of domestic higher vocational professional reviews of finishing a system, summarizes the current research of domestic higher vocational specialty construction of several main aspects, summarizes the viewpoints on the academic study of Higher Vocational Specialty Construction of three kinds of representative at present, predicting the future the development trend of higher vocational specialty construction, the inadequacies of existing research from come in, put forward specific ideas and research methods of this study.The second chapter is the professional directory reference issued by the Ministry of education in higher vocational colleges, analyzes the relevant data of Higher Vocational Education in Gansu Province Department of Education published in 2013, in Gansu Province, combined with the situation of Higher Vocational Colleges of professional and industrial structure, from the professional setting, professional structure, professional orientation, professional core competence, excellent course, teaching staff the construction of characteristic specialty construction, situation, introduces the current situation of Gansu Province Higher Vocational construction.The third chapter is based on the Gansu Province Higher Vocational Colleges specialized construction present situation analysis, summarizes some common problems existing in current higher vocational colleges in Gansu province is in the process of professional construction, professional characteristics, such as professional advantage is not obvious; the regional industrial structure and professional structure adjustment does not match, the existence of the phenomenon of dislocation to a certain extent; professional structure similar phenomenon is more serious, universal strong professional set up a larger proportion; professional evaluation mechanism lack professional connotation construction and industrial demand coordinate, the lack of rational analysis of connotation construction; professional setting and social demand of convergence close enough, the early warning mechanism is not perfect.The fourth chapter is combined with the characteristics of Gansu local economic and social development, analyzes the common problems of professional construction process of Gansu Province in the higher vocational colleges. To explore the following optimization strategy: General principles of higher vocational specialty construction should first follow the professional construction of higher vocational specialty construction, that is, pay attention to the social demand, occupation demand principle; higher vocational specialty construction should maintain appropriate principles; construction of specialty of higher vocational education to strengthen the cooperation between school and enterprise, the principle of industry; strengthen the government function of higher vocational specialty construction should, relying on local economy principle; higher vocational specialty construction to achieve the best benefit principle; higher vocational specialty construction should reflect the diversity principle. The second is to adapt to the adjustment of industrial structure, system of training technical talents; improve the professional quality of running a school, to enhance the vitality of the school; reform of teaching contents expand knowledge denotation; play professional leader role, promote the sustainable development of professional construction; school play advantage, forming characteristic and advantage, brand specialty; the optimization of specialty structure; actively build professional group; actively learn from the experience of western developed countries advanced, learn from each other.In a word, the optimization of specialty construction in higher vocational college, first of all, more need to play a role of the government’s regulation, in combination with the practical situation of area, the vocational college development planning as a whole. Vocational college should take into account the demand of the society, families, enterprises and institutions, such as various, major setting and industry development trend, raise the scientific nature of the specialties and adaptability, the reform of the existing professional model, curing, establish new course combined professional (professional group) mode, so as to realize specialty construction in higher vocational college the biggest positive function, further realize the whole optimization of specialty construction.
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