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A Research On Staff System Reform In Gansu Provincial Institution Of Higher Education

Posted on:2016-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330461967433Subject:Public administration
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The Ministry of Education launched a pilot project of educational staff system in 2000, aiming at building optimized, crack and efficient staff of colleges and universities and improving the managing level of institutions of higher education. This project started in Central China Normal University and five other institutions. Afterwards, institutions in several districts launched the pilot project of the staff system in succession. In 2006, the Ministry of Personnel issued ((Trial regulations on occupations settling of institutions)) and ((Implementation opinions)), all the staff in institutions were administered as office worker. The system of staff was fully implemented.On the basis of gathering research achievements of domestic university staff system and staff management situation of foreign university, this paper combs the reform process of staff system in colleges and universities in China. Analyzing the policy of current staff system of higher education institutions and the progress of the reform. We find that the basic framework of staff system has been preliminarily established, Covering the content of post setting, employing and treatment, etc. But clear system and policy of overall thinking design of staff system and specific problems were still not implemented. Institutions still adopted many management modes and methods of China Communist Party and governmental departments, which causes the problems of inflexible employing system and the of imperfect internal system. These problems directly affect the enthusiasm and stability of staff and hinder the improvement in administration and teaching of higher educational institutions.Under the background that the country constantly deepens its personnel system reform, this paper studies the provincial colleges and universities in Gansu Province and investigates the implementation of the staff system. By analyzing the questionnaire data, this paper summarizes such major existing problems as the narrow promotion space and low salary during the implementation of the staff system in colleges and universities. Besides, targeted at these problems, it proposes suggestions to perfect the staff system of the provincial colleges and universities throughout Gansu Province such as adjusting the corresponding relation between the administrative duties and post ranks of middle management personnel and establishing independent staff grade ranks and post salary standards. It hopes to provide some referential experience and innovative ideas for the management system of institutional staff by researching staff system reform in higher educational institutions of Gansu province.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher educational institutions, System of staff, reform
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