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Research On The Change Of Higher Education System In China Since The Reform And Opening-up

Posted on:2017-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330491460648Subject:Marxism in China
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Education is the cornerstone of national development,higher education is the guarantee of the country’s progress.The educational system of higher education is the core of the system of higher education,which is the highest level in the system of school education in China.Since the reform and open policy,the higher education system in China by influence all aspects of society,showing a rather complex and has not conducive to some problems in the development of colleges and universities,so it is necessary to continuously adjusted in order to meet the needs of social development.The system of higher education must be guided by the correct ideology,to comply with the social development situation,to cultivate all-round development of high-quality personnel as the main goal of the whole system of innovation.The purpose of this paper is beginning from the guiding ideology of China’s higher education system and through focused on combing the theoretical basis and practical characteristics,basic process and so on,combined with the Ningxia University academic development process in the specific case of a glimpse of China’s higher education system reform basic train of thought and the experience and lessons.The thesis is composed of three parts,the first part is the introduction,introduces the topics of significance,the academic circle for the content of the higher education system of the status quo and the framework and innovative points;the second part is the main part of the article.This part consists of three chapters.The first chapter through to China’s higher education system,the guiding ideology and higher education development course combing to summarize the theoretical basis of the reform of educational system of higher education in our country;the second chapter in Ningxia University as an example,combing the Ningxia University System since 1978 development course,summarizes the problems encountered in the process of development and coping methods,higher education changes in the educational structure details.The third chapter is mainly about the reflected from the specific evolution of Ningxia University Educational System of higher education in our country with some experience and enlightenment,including China’s higher education in the development process of students,academic and social services for the adjustment.The third part is the conclusion of the full text,mainly to make a summary of the full text,and look forward to the future of the development of China’s higher education system.
Keywords/Search Tags:educational system, higher education, educational system reform, Ningxia University
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