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Study On The Way Of Training Thinking Ability Of High School Students Writing

Posted on:2016-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330464966518Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Writing activity is a complex mental work. From the idea stage to the stage to the written stage,the whole writing process needs the participation of thinking. The results of thinking determines the writing achievements, depth writing affect the depth of thinking. The high school stage is at a critical stage of the development of thinking, to the senior high school students writing thinking training is beneficial to improve their thinking ability. Writing and thinking ability of senior high school students to improve writing level improve. However, from the present situation of the teaching of writing, composition teaching in high school did not pay attention to the training of thinking ability in writing, but the importance of writing skills to teach, Visible, the cultivation of high school students thinking ability in writing with the necessity and urgency of.I read about the thinking of writing theory monographs, read up on the teaching of writing the paper, in the process of practice to some Chinese teachers to understand the current situation of writing teaching in senior high school, and understand the difficulties often encountered in writing to some students. After the master rich theoretical knowledge and the accumulation of practical experience, I started writing the thesis. This paper is divided into four chapters, the first chapter explains the characteristics of thinking of writing of senior high school students should have the quality of thinking and writing, the second chapter points out the main problems of high school composition teaching and learning of existence and explores the reason, the third chapter and the fourth chapter focuses on the effective way to cultivate the thinking ability of senior high school students’ writing.
Keywords/Search Tags:writing and thinking ability, divergent thinking, image thinking, abstract thinking, dialectical thinking, creative thinking
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