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Training Students’ Divergent Thinking Ability In Physics Teaching Strategy Research

Posted on:2016-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In today, science and technology develop rapidly. Innovation ability is more and moreattention by all of us. Innovation is the key of the development of a country, innovation as anational continuous development power forward, is also the core of the progress of a nation.Contemporary society is an innovative society, it is an age of knowledge explosion, need is thecreation ability, is in dire need of the innovative talents, and high school students as a nationaldevelopment of hope, but also has an important position. Every student has the potential ofdevelopment, they are full of all kinds of development, is the backbone of the construction of thefuture. So, as a country of hope, become a top priority in education to cultivate the students’creativity, a new generation of creativity is closely related to the future development of scienceand technology. If a country no innovation, no advanced science and technology as the support,is difficult to development and progress forward.The famous American psychologist gill ford once said, person creativity is largely based onthe size of the divergent thinking. Creative thinking is the core part of the divergent thinking. So,with the constant development of science and technology in today’s society, we must attachimportance to the cultivation of student’s creative thinking, to the cultivation of the contemporarystudents’ divergent thinking. As an important science subject, physics is with the development ofsocial science and technology will have inseparable relationship. Both "moon" in the air, themoon and sea exploration "dragon", which are related to physical knowledge. So say physicscourse of study is an important subject of middle school, so when imparting knowledge to theirstudents, more should focus on training students’ divergent thinking, to better meet the needs ofthe society. Has the potential in our traditional way of teaching a lot of disadvantages, forexample, just pay attention to the memory of knowledge while ignoring the development ofstudents’ thinking, especially focus on ability, especially focus on the innovation ability, ignorethe importance of the knowledge discovery process. The teacher hard to teach knowledge,students just passively accept, make students thinking gradually stiff, lack of innovationconsciousness, can’t improvise deal with new problems. To these questions, although the current education has made certain adjustment, increase the participation of the students’ practice, butsometimes it is often only stay in surface, did not go deep into the classroom, no obvious topromote the development of students’ divergent thinking. If you want to change of this kind ofcircumstance, it is necessary to deeply realize the importance of innovation ability, and inpractice to consciously cultivate students’ innovative thinking, to enhance the students’ ability ofcreative thinking. Creative thinking is the core of the divergent thinking, so cultivating students’innovative thinking is the key to cultivate students’ divergent thinking, in the practice teachingteachers should to focus on the cultivation of the students’ divergent thinking ability, developingdivergent thinking in the study, thinking from different angles, and generate new ideas collisionsparks, expand the space of thinking, and to train their exploring ability and creative ability.This article USES the research method of literature method, survey method, case analysis,etc.The body of the thesis mainly has six parts:The first part puts forward the subject for study, illustrates the significance of trainingstudents’ divergent thinking. From the research background, research the importance of divergentthinking, the disadvantages of traditional classroom teaching situation and the existing threeaspects elaborates the significance of research to cultivate divergent thinking.The second part introduces the core concepts of divergent thinking in physics teaching. Thispart mainly expounds the definition of divergent thinking, divergent thinking, divergent thinking,the development history of domestic and foreign research present situation, and the influencingfactors of divergent thinking.The third part is about training students’ divergent thinking ability in physics teaching oftheoretical basis.From two aspects of psychology and pedagogy described the theoretical basis of cultivatingstudents’ divergent thinking ability.The fourth part is to cultivate divergent thinking should follow the basic principles. Mainlyhas insisted that the teacher leading, student body, comprehensiveness, problematic and delayevaluation principle.The fifth part is to cultivate students’ divergent thinking strategy research. Emphaticallyfrom the new lesson, recitation and experiment on three aspects to cultivate students’ divergent thinking ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Divergent thinking, Creative thinking, Physics teaching
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