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The Research On Investigation And Improvement For Students’ Occupation Career Planning Of College A

Posted on:2015-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H W ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330464974472Subject:Business Administration
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The college students career Path Plan is an important part of modern management of human resources. With the education reform and the impact of economic crisis, the college students are facing more severe employment pressure. However, there are many problems in career planning of Chinese college students. Incomplete career planning and unscientific self-assessment methods lead to the supply and demand imbalance of talent output and professional gap: there are majority of unemployed graduates in China, however, a certain number of enterprises lack of professional employees. The demand and supply of non-convergence lead to graduates unemployment. Therefore, from the perspective of colleges and universities, they should pay attention to the current status of career planning of college students and develop appropriate career planning strategy for college students.In theory,this paper has read a lot of research at home and abroad and has drawn on some of the classic theoretical results, such as career development theory, theory of person-job fit, career decision-making model, personality type theory and career anchor theory. Through the survey,the use of MBTI career aptitude test methods and test methods for Holland vocational interest tests A college student career orientation and career interests. The results of the survey show that,A college student at the time of making a decision to perceptual basis, the lack of rational thinking, to understand their own personality traits are not clear enough understanding of their own career interests are more blurred. In the empirical study, I use self-questionnaire, a full-time undergraduate college students were a random survey questionnaire and the results of all treatment, trying to find the relationship between the current situation of a number of factors, such as professional character, career orientation, career interests and so on. The result of questionnaire shows that Students career planning process of A college exist the problems of career Planning Education popularity is low, the lack of professional education team, student career objective fuzzy ideals, values biased and less effective career planning and implementation. Meanwhile, the paper also summarizes the relevant effective practices of America, Canada and Germany college students’ career planning, combined with the actual situation of A college, summed Implications for Students A Career Planning Institute.Finally,combing with the results of the survey data and empirical analysis, this paper proposals from the government, schools and students themselves three angles, hoping to enhance the scientific of occupation career Planning for A college students, and promote career and employment of A college’s students.
Keywords/Search Tags:College Students, Occupation Career Planning, Management of Human Resource
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