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A Research On Young Employees’ Career Planning And Consulting Solutions Development

Posted on:2013-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330374967714Subject:Adult Education
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At the age of knowledge economy, the talent market has changed, many people who just entering the workforce may cause into some contradictions:salary and interest conflict comes from the occupation, asymmetry from the post specific job requirements and knowledge structure, conflict comes from the organization development and individual development, and so on. At present, people often change their job, new employees need to pay close attention to occupation career planning, to achieving adjustment career goals and occupation target. A good occupation career planning, according to one’s aptitude, traits, qualities, skills, maximize the integration and organization of personal development path, to achieve the purpose of career development. In our current study and practice, the ideas and technical routes of traditional occupation career planning education and consulting tend to focus on new staff who prepare to enter the workplace, as well as the organization’s standard employee occupation career management. Paying attention to workplace novices’ individual occupation career development planning, is a return to people-oriented, meet the needs of the individual comprehensive development of a rational orientation. We focus on workplace novice occupation career planning, provide some ideas, methods and tools of self occupation career planning for workplace novice, has the certain significance in the current situation.This thesis probes into the method about how to carry out occupation status analysis, analysis of the characteristics of new employees on occupation career development, puts forward the new employee occupation status analysis framework; new employee occupation career planning status analysis from social, organizational and individual point of view, to understand the novice occupation career development planning requirements and significance; for basing on the individual standard workplace novice occupation career development planning and advisory programme development, solving the novices performed occupation career development planning, technical problems, trying to integrate these tools to the corresponding development, puts forward new occupation career development career consulting reference program.
Keywords/Search Tags:New employees, Occupation career planning, Occupation career education, Occupation career counseling
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