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A Case Study Of Primary School Characteristic School Construction In Xining

Posted on:2016-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330470480664Subject:Principles of Education
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In order to promote the further development of quality education, to develop distinctive, character and comprehensive development of students, characteristic school construction has become an irresistible trend.By studying the literature review at home and abroad, we get the five measures and significance of the characteristic school construction. we summarize the five aspects as follows:characteristic culture, characteristic educational philosophy, characteristic teachers’ team, special events and systems. Through the literature research, questionnaire investigation and interview method, this paper analyzes the basic situation of X primary school and its school culture, educational philosophy, the school team, school activities and school systems, and we conclude the goal of X primary school in characteristic school construction. The characteristic culture of primary school concludes the characteristic of the material culture, management culture, teacher culture, curriculum culture and student culture; its characteristic educational philosophy is mainly about "construction a school that teachers and students love" as the starting point and the end-result; its characteristic teachers’team mainly refers to by scholars, teaching and researching activities and projects cultivating a group of teachers having professional quality and rich teaching experience; its special events mainly conclude the club activities, the activities of the moral education in practice and warm classroom and class construction; its special systems mainly introduce the etiquette system of the student, student’s reward system and the system of "teacher and pupil in pairs"Based on the targets and contents of X primary school in characteristic school construction, we get the characteristic measures are constructing humanities school culture, forming the independent innovation of educational philosophy, building a harmonious and professional team of teachers, hosting unique school activities, establishing reasonable and characteristic systems. At the same time, it has achievements in characteristic school construction. And we summarize the experience of X primary school in characteristic school construction:targets are reasonable, contents are creative and measures are productive. At the same time, X primarv school in characteristic school construction has some shortages:students need further understand characteristic school construction; the development of school-based curricuhirn lack students" participation and its implementation effect remains to be further increased; it lacks teachers and incentive system needs further perfection. Based on the X primary school in characteristic school construction and the general rule of characteristic school construction, this paper extracts the general principles of characteristic school construction:based on the school reality, putting forward the feasible educational philosophy; focus on the teachers’team, building a group of teachers having distinctive and high quality in teaching; combining the reality of students learning, cultivating comprehensive development and distinctive students.This paper studies a primary school in Xining, through the case study, the author wants to summary, refine the primary school’s results, experience, shortage and the general principles in characteristic school construction. These conclusions would to provide a platform for the school’s further development, we also expect to provide experience for other schools’development,...
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