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Xi 'an Characteristic Primary School Teacher Team Construction Successful Experience Research

Posted on:2013-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330374962110Subject:Pre-primary Education
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With the promulgation and implementation of national medium and long-term educational reform and development Plan in July2010, once again set off a wave of education reform. Unbalanced regional development of education, inter-school large gap, difficult to in-depth implementation of quality education and a series of problems, has become a hot topic in the field of education.Explore how to provide a suitable education for every student and respect students’individual differences, making the reform and construction of characteristic schools staring the upper end of the century, and once again attract everyone’s attention. Only drastic reform, the new bottle, new wine, can make education reform a qualitative leap.How the school developed into characteristic schools to provide students with individualized education, the incident becomes the focus of everyone. The construction of teachers are the importint of Characteristic schools’reform,and teachers are the pillars of development of the schools. In order to cultivate distinctive talents and ultimately achieve the goal of characteristic schools, we must construct a characteristic of the teachers,. As Piaget said," if there is no quality and sufficient quantity of teachers, the best of reform programs is also mortality in the practice.The quality of teachers is a crucial problem, and the solution to this problem determines all other issues of concern ". The study, the research objects are the developing successful characteristic schools in Xi’an City, analysis and summary of the characteristic construction of teachers as worthy of reference and promotional experience, strives to provide some valuable references to the relevant departments and other schools. This paper attempts to survey and study on the construction of teachers in Xi’an characteristic primary schools, find out the current construction status of characteristic teachers, analyze problems, and sum up experience, in order to improve teachers’level and promote of other schools inquiry and discourse.This research mainly adopts literature, questionnaires, interviews and other research methods. Through the collected data collation and analysis, the author summed up the experience of characteristic teachers’construction for reference and put forward some proposals.This pape includes five parts:the first chapter is the introduction, analysed the research background, purpose, significance, content, methods, ideas and so on, to construct the basic framework of the study. The second chapter is a summary of research and related concepts and theoretical definition, a simple analysis of characteristic schools and teachers’ research,and analysis and discussion of the concepts and theoretical bases, laid the foundation for follow-up study. The third chapter is the research design and implementation, analysis the theoretical basis and specific content of the questionnaire and interviews. The fourth chapter includes collection, processing and detailed analysis of the collected data. The fifth chapter is about the conclusion and suggestions of the study excellent educational leaders and scientific, accurate positioning of the university and reasonable management systems. The construction process of the scientific and reasonable teachers’ management systems can be summarized into three stages.The first stage is the thaw, changing teachers’ ideasand geting the teacher’s identity. The second stage is the Changing, perfecting the talent introduction system, optimizing the structure of teaching faculty. The third stage is the freezing, establishing a dynamic and stable teachers’ management system. The finally chapter puts forward some proposals for reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:educational reform, characteristic schools, construction of teaching staff
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