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Divergent Thinking And High Grade Art Teaching In Primary School

Posted on:2018-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512484167Subject:Fine Arts
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In twenty-first Century,the hum an society has entered the era of knowledge economy,only through knowledge innovati on can promote the developm ent of society,knowledge innovation is based on education,guide students to break through educational thinking,create dive rgent thinking ability and c reative spirit.At present,the international education sector is very concerned about the cultivation of students' divergent thinking ability.Art education is an im portant part of quality education,the traditional primary school art education m ode of knowledge and skills to teach,too much emphasis on the leading role of teachers,the pursuit of "standard of ta lent training,and in the era of knowledge economy,a fundamental change in the social dem and for talent in the knowledge structure,to cultivate divergent thinking,creative spirit and creative ability,the limitation of the tra ditional mode of art e ducation gradually emerged,is not conducive to effectively cultivate students' divergent thinking.This paper is based on the high grade pr imary school art teaching,a longitudinal study of divergent thinking in higher grades of primary school art teaching,combined with the characteristics of fine arts disciplines and high grade primary school students' age characteristics and psychological characteristics,puts forward the cultivation of students' divergent thinking and specific ways of teaching mode,the article is divided into six chapter:The first chapter is the introduction part,introduces the research background and significance,research objectives an d content,and r esearch technical route,and clarifies the innovation of the study;The second chapter is the st atus of domestic and foreign research on diver gent thinking,introduces the related theory of divergent thinking,to lay a theoretical foundation for this research,and points out th e limitations of the existing research,so as to clear the starting point of this study and focus;The third chapter is the high grade art teaching for the cultivation of students' divergent thinking,emphasizing the im portance of fine arts teach ing to cultiv ate students' divergent thinking;The fourth chapter is the principles and elements of the students' divergent thinking in art teaching in primary school,which lays a foundation f or the further research of teaching mode and teaching strategy;The teaching mode of training s tudents' divergent thinking and way for high grade primary school art teach ing,constructing the cultiv ating students' divergent thinking teaching model based on the change of traditional teaching concept,and puts forward the ways of teaching to c ultivate students' divergent thinking as the c enter and teaching method,teaching strategy system of standard form.
Keywords/Search Tags:Divergent thinking, Art education in primary schools, Training of divergent thinking
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