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Research On Quality Managementsystem Of Economics & Management Laboratory In A University

Posted on:2016-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330479450411Subject:Industrial Engineering
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Higher education becomes very important to personnel training. Facing with universal missed practice of higher education, the teaching and research in the laboratory has become an inevitable choice, therefore, it is particularly necessary to setup laboratory quality management system. Different from most domestic engineering laboratory quality management system, the paper studies economics and management laboratory of A university, using Quality Function Deployment(QFD) method to build a laboratory quality management system, and proposes the measures in implementation and improvement.Firstly, the paper introduces the status, background and significance of laboratory quality management system, reviews the research on laboratory quality management system at home and abroad, and gives the research content and method.Then, it introduces the concept of quality management system and content of laboratory quality management system, analyzes the pattern of laboratory quality management system, and elaborates QFD model and PDC(S) A.Secondly, it showes the situation of experimental teaching laboratory conditions in A university, and analyzes depthly in organizational structure, resources and laboratory experiments and course management, etc. pointes out the problems of current quality management system.Again, based on QFD/PDCA, the paper setup laboratory quality management system model, and applies to Economics and Management Laboratory of A University, designes feasibility analysis, requirements analysis, and the House of Quality, and setups the laboratory quality management system.Finally, the paper gives the contents of quality management system implementation and the proposed appropriate measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:economics and management laboratory, quality management system, quality function deployment, PDCA
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