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Research On The Backbone Of Primary And Secondary School Teachers’ Training Effectiveness Of Nation Plan In Xinjiang Bingtuan

Posted on:2016-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the increasing development of curriculum reform and the deepening lifelong educational idea, the training project in primary and secondary schools is attached more importance by our country and society. As pioneering project of primary and secondary school, ‘state-training project’ has made great achievement in the overall implementation and provided a better platform for the teacher at all levels. Nevertheless, there still exist some problems in the process, which are taken seriously by the scholars of ‘state-training project’. This study analyzes the effectiveness of ‘state-training project’ conducted by the backbone teachers based on the status of ‘state-training project’ in primary and secondary schools in military area and further analyzes the factors influencing on the quality of ‘state-training project’ so as to provide particular improvement strategies and improve the effectiveness of ‘state-training project’ and guarantee the effective implement of all kinds of policies related to ‘state-training project’.There are two questionnaires designed in this study, which includes basic information, training status and training effectiveness respectively. The questionnaire provides the first hand information for this study and provides judgment for statistics analysis. This study mainly discusses ‘state-training project’ effectiveness of the backbone teachers of primary and secondary schools in military area. The study object is classified into two parts, the first part is aimed at the backbone teachers of primary and secondary schools who took part in ‘state-training project’ short-term training in summer 2014; the second part is aimed at the backbone teachers of primary and secondary schools who have taken part in military ‘state-training project’ before 2013(including 2013).This thesis has five parts:The first part is introduction, which includes the reason for choosing the topic, study purpose and meaning, literature review, related definition and theory basis, thought and methods.The second part analyzes the status of ‘state-training project’ in primary and secondary schools in military area. We can have a better understanding of the basic status in the aspects of training condition, training teachers, training content, training methods and training administration in the military area.In the third part, the conclusion of strong effectiveness of ‘state-training project’ for the backbone teachers in the military area can be drawn in the aspects of the improvement and transition of trained teacher education concept, the completeness of knowledge structure, the improvement of education and teaching capacity and the perfectness of teaching study. By means of the investigation of teachers’ satisfaction, we can draw a conclusion that the trained teachers have higher satisfaction in the teachers trained in military ‘state-training project’, training methods and training management.The forth part analyzes the factors influencing the ‘state-training project’ quality of primary and secondary backbone teachers in military area, including training content, training methods, teaching level, training management level and individual study attitude. The fifth part completes the related strategies provided for the effectiveness of ‘state-training project’ of primary and secondary backbone teachers in military area. The training content should be comprehensive, perspective. The training methods should be diversified, flexible and open. The training management should be equipped with humanism based on science and standardization. Training should deeply reflect the main part of the trained teachers.
Keywords/Search Tags:the backbone teachers in primary and secondary schools, state-training project, effectiveness
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