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Research On The Effectiveness Of The Training Program Of The"National Training Plan" Of PE Teachers In Primary And Middle Schools In Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2017-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330503967963Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Since 2010, our country began to implement the "The National Training program for rural primary and secondary school teachers "(hereinafter referred to as " National training plan "). Over the past six years, " National training plan " has been the first major projects to implement the “Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan ”, aimed at making a certain contribution to the construction of teachers and the development of national education career. Teacher is one of the main factors of school education work, relationship with the development of education in our country. In 2016, during the “NPC and CPPCC”, the ministry of education Yuan guiren indicated in a reporter asked, said: "do a good job in rural education, the key lies in the teacher, such as Tuition-Free pedagogical students, such as Special Post Plan, such as the National training plan and so on, these are constantly improve the level of the rural teachers team construction and the rural education "; The NPC Deputy, Vice Minister of Education Zhu zhiwen special recommendations in a reporter asked: "to pay more attention to the school management and education, more emphasis on teachers team construction, enhance teachers' professional appeal." Of course, the effectiveness of the " National training plan " has become focus of attention in education, and the effectiveness of the research from the macroscopic helps countries government departments to adjust the wholeness of " National training plan "; On the medium the “National training plan” become the unit of management department in charge of education and training reference; On microscopic the “National training plan” helps to attend training and improve the sports teachers' professional skills and professional quality, provides a good platform for the construction of PE teachers and sports teachers' professional development.This study selects the " National training plan " ? ? the campus football of primary and middle school PE skeleton teachers in Shaanxi province in 2014 as a case to investigate, the effect of the training program as the main problems of research, based on the theory of Donald.L.Kirkpatrick's four hierarchical evaluation model, using the literature material method, questionnaire survey method, comparative method, interview method and on-the-spot investigation method understand the training present situation of the " National training plan " ? ? the campus football of primary and middle school PE skeleton teachers in Shaanxi province. Based on Donald.L.Kirkpatrick's four hierarchy evaluation model, designing questionnaire to the training of PE skeleton teachers and the teaching of students, designing the interview outline to their unit leadership, and combining with the survey statistics about the training teachers' satisfaction from the unit of training, to explore the effectiveness of this training, come to the conclusion as follows: training has obvious effect(1)Teachers' professional moral quality has been improved;(2)The education idea, the teaching idea and the teaching method can be updated. But some problems still exist, such as(1) to participate in training the teachers' selection is not reasonable;(2) a serious shortage of training time,(3) training team service level needs to be improved;(4) there exist deviations in part of the training curriculum implementation effect;(5) training appraisal way of specific implementation is not fully reflect inspection validity;(6) training satisfaction survey is not convincing;(7) the follow-up tracking guidance effectiveness is low. Aiming at these problems puts forward the following Suggestions:(1) Develop positive factors and overcome negative factors;(2) improve the selection mechanism, multiple perspectives focus on teachers' training needs;(3) the scientific arrangement of training time, ensure the training effectiveness;(4) to strengthen the management system, to ensure good learning conditions;(5) the optimization of the curriculum, the shortage of outstanding weak subject training characteristics;(6) to build scientific and reasonable evaluation system, establishing perfect incentive mechanism;(7) to establish a strict system of campus sport competition.This thesis includes four parts:The first part is the preface, expounds the topic basis and the purposes of this paper; Literature Reviews includes the defining the relevant concepts of the training effectiveness of PE skeleton teachers in primary and secondary schools; reviewing the situation, patterns, contents and existing problems of the PE teacher training from the existing research in domestic and foreign; expounding the related theory of this research.The second part is the research object and methods of this paper. The third part analyses the present situation of “National training plan” of PE skeleton teachers of primary and secondary schools in Shanxi Province "-- the campus football training through understanding the basic situation of training teachers, teachers ' condition, training resources, training content and design, training methods, training characteristics and innovation,and evaluation model based on Donald.L.Kirkpatrick's four levels, from the reaction level, learning level, behavior level and results level to explore the influence factors of the training effectiveness.The fourth part is the research conclusion and the suggestion of this paper, in order to improve the training teachers' professional quality, improve the teaching quality of " National training plan ", to promote " National training plan " influence.
Keywords/Search Tags:National training plan, PE skeleton teachers of primary and secondary schools, The campus football, effectiveness
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