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Study On The Flipped Classroom And Its Application In China

Posted on:2017-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330503483025Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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In the face of the development of information technology, people in the education field of America created the Flipped Classroom Model, its the product of the information age. The model’s basic meaning is that students study videos by themselves out of the classroom and discuss to solve the problem with their partners and teachers inside of the classroom.The Flipped Classroom rapidly led up and became the hot points in globe education field with its features such as students centered and problems centered, it also came to domestic education field from the shore of the Ocean. In face of the new teaching model, our education circle are brave enough to proceed for the theoretical research and practical exploration. But the research about it mainly focused on the significance and value of the Flipped Classroom,at the same time they also concerned about how to build the model of the Flipped Classroom and reported the current situation of application,it’s meaningless to domestic education.If we want to make it effective in the field of national education,it’s wise to make a systematically study of the Flipped Classroom and the situation of national education, explore its significance to the practice of domestic education, make clear the dilemma that we have to break through,and then raise the countermeasures for how to apply the Flipped Classroom.Based on this,the main content of this research is as follows:In the introduction section of the paper, the author discusses the reason of this study,research purpose, research contents and research methods.On the basis of the existing research the author puts forward the starting point and the route of this study.The first part discusses the Flipped Classroom and its emergence. By reading the literature review to clarify the rise of the Flipped Classroom, in order to grasp the qualifications that the Flipped Classroom rises,lay a foundation for follow-up study.The second part analyzes the basic conception of the Flipped Classroom.Compared with the Traditional Classroom,the Flipped Classroom can combine the excellent theories that is why it rises in a short period of time.This study analyzes the basic conception of the Flipped Classroom from several aspects, such as:the development of knowledge,the method of teaching,the teaching process and the development of the students.The third part discusses the operating strategy of the Flipped Classroom.Take the forest park high school as a case,the essay discusses the strategy of operate the Flipped Classroom to grasp the direction of concept, time and space process of implementation and the conditions supporting the Flipped Classroom.The forth part hammers at the practice in China.This study analysis the motivation, characteristics, effects and problems of the Flipped Classroom in China.The fifth part,this paper discusses the plight of the Flipped Classroom in China. Compared with the birthplace of the Flipped Classroom,we can clear that the Flipped Classroom is facing the theoretical and operating difficulties.Compared with the Traditional Classroom,we can clear that the Flipped Classroom is facing the predicament of value.The sixth part, puts forward some countermeasures about the application of the Flipped Classroom in China. According to the conditions that the Flipped Classroom raised, supportions required for operation, the status, the problems and the plight of the Flipped Classroom in our country,this study exploring for countermeasures from the perspective that closely related to the classroom teaching,that is curriculum,instruction,technology and system.In an era that advocating and encouraging innovation,the Flipped Classroom shows a way of innovation in the field of education by the information technology, but its value of application in domestic remains to be seen.Through this study, we hope to have a system perspective of the Flipped Classroom and reflect its application in China so that we can be ourselves and not go along with the wave of the education reform, learn merit from others to mend our shortcomings.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Flipped Classroom, the Teaching Model, a New Reform of curriculum, the Application of the Flipped Classroom, the Informatization of Education
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