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Dynamic Research On The Development Of Xinjiang Sports Venues In 2004-2013

Posted on:2017-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330509451732Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Sports ground is the important material base of riching people’s spiritual cultural life and improving the competitive level. It is the necessary hardware conditions of social public sports service. Since the establishment of People’s Republic of China(PRC) China has developed 6 tim es survey on the national sports ground in 1974 in 1982 in 1988 in1995 in 2013 and 2 014. Through the sports ground survey we will master the basic situations of the existing sports in China. It can not only m aster the basic situations of the existing sports in China but also can provide our country sports enterprise of decision making and planning in the future.Xinjiang is the prov ince which is in the deep of the inner Euras ia. It is th e longest border provinces in our country. Xinjiang’s natural geographical environment cultural conditions and trad itional minority national sports feature of Xinjiang. In particular the socialist market economic system reform and the developm ent of the western region environment as well as the national Xinjiang Tibet various preferential measures. They have provi ded very favorable conditions of the development of Xinjiang sports location facility. The paper based on Xinjiang’s sixth sports ground survey data analysis and research adopt ing the fifth sixth national sports ground survey interval of 10 years of field data as the research object. On the basis of referring to a large number of literature the data classified and comparative analysis and through overall analysis of six general da ta to understand Xinjiang’s sports location area type the total in vestment we have studied the num ber of sports ground in Xinjiang decade site type site investm ent development trends. W hat’s more it has developed the dynam ic study of outdoor leisure venues. Such as outdoor activities camps the national f itness path city built fitness trails and hiking trails. It also has referred to the dynam ic analysis of Xinjiang advantage project site. Such as snow and ice field football field trad itional minority national sports venues. Moreover it has kept a watchful eye on the development situation of southern Xinjiang northern Xinjiang and eastern Xinjiang regional field. It has further understood the city during 2004 an d 2013 in the change of the sports ground each year between the change of the sports ground which m anifested the ten years of sports development in Xinjiang. The pur pose of the paper is to provide the countermeasure and the reference on the layo ut direction of adjusting the sports ground and scientific positioning of the construction of sports venues in Xinjiang in the future.The research shows that the number of construction of sports field in Xinjiang is increasing obviously. 84.3% of the sports field is built within ten years. As a whole, the quantity is increasing all year round. Compared with the types in China, the types are not rich. The types in Xinjiang are 58. The types in China are 84. Investm ent amount is based on financial allocation. Fiel d change presents ‘ 3 high 3 low’. The development is not balanced. The paper advises building indoor and outdoor integrated class venues. The venues can use PPP model to build. It can also mobilize social forces to build to m ake the fund ach ieve diversification of financing. It can create the Xinjiang sp ecial project site c ircle to serve th e development of brand project. It can build sports venues resources and public sp orts site website platform. As building the field, the relationship between physical activity and exercise, site and health should be thought over. Looking for the sports fiel d model which is suitable for Xinjiang. Adjusting the structure and layout of sports field.
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