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China’s Commercial Banks Performance Appraisal System Optimization

Posted on:2015-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330422493192Subject:Financial Management
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In today’s society, with highly development of the economic globalization and financialintegration, the Commercial Bank of our country is still using the traditional organizational andhuman management personnel work to evaluate the performance of employees. This becomes amere formality, which is not accurate directly linked with reward, promotion, transfer, incentive.These have a direct impact on the competitive abilities and advantages of China’s commercialbanks in the international financial field.After joining the WTO, with the entry of foreign banks, the financial industry is facing moreand more fierce competition, and commercial banks must be in accordance with the managementof currency and the modern financial enterprise system to reform the core level the enterprisegovernance structure and operation mechanism. How to establish and perfect the personnel systemand incentive mechanism to meet the requirements of modern commercial banks, is the mostimportant issue of China’s commercial banks.Through case analysis, questionnaire survey and other research methods, the article analysesone branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in performance management,especially the shortage of performance assessment, and puts forward some measures andsuggestions for improvement. Due to the line of a branch performance management covers a widerange and many influencing factors, the study cannot be exhaustive, this paper focuses on theanalysis of the line of a branch in the defects and deficiencies in financial institutions businessassessment scheme and personal financial business assessment scheme.Through the analysis of the performance management issues of a branch of the Industrial andCommercial Bank of China, the paper will carry on the research analysis on how to build aperformance management system, establish a new system of performance management, incentiveand guide staff along the overall development goals and work hard, provide guarantee for therealization of the strategic target, and improve the whole management level. This can promoteeffective communication between managers and employees, mobilize the enthusiasm andcreativity of employees, furthest help enterprises improve performance, so as to achieve thebusiness objectives.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial bank, Performance appraisal, Performance Management
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