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Research On The Influence Of Challenge-Hindrance Stressors And The Turnover Tendency

Posted on:2020-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330575465584Subject:Business management
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With the social development and deepening of globalization,the competition between companies become fierce,which result in the bigger pressure of employees.The pressure will not only harm the physical health of employees,but also the working attitude,even the turnover tendency.Self-efficacy,as a positive psychological factor,will influence the stress and turnover tendency of employees.It is a hot topic that whether the employee would choose to turnover and to what extent the self-efficacy would influence this process have aroused interests from companies and scholars.The current research about stressors and turnover tendency has no consideration of positive function of the pressure sources.That means they did not consider the internal attributes of different pressure sources.To this question,foreign scholars put out the conception of Challenge-Hindrance Stressor.But there are still controversial conclusions about challenge stressor and turnover tendency,which need further research.Meanwhile,the literature review revealed that there is little research considered the role of self-efficacy in the relationship of challenge-hindrance stressors and turnover tendency.This article is based on the three factors interaction theory.We review the research on challenge-hindrance stressors,self-efficacy,and turnover tendency,employ the theoretical and practical research methods,on the basis of consider the attributes of stressor sources,and take the manage self-efficacy as mediate role,study the relationship of different stressor sources and turnover tendency of managers.The article constructs the theoretical models and puts forward the hypothesis.We get the data with questionnaire and use SPSS24.0 to the regression analysis.The results show:(1)the challenge stressors have an inverted U shape influence on turnover tendency;(2)challenge stressors have positive correlations with managers' self-efficacy.(3)self-efficacy has negative relationship with turnover tendency.Last point,self-efficacy has positive mediate role between challenge-hindrance stressors and turnover tendency.The research conclusions could give references for the research in relevant field of stress management and how to improve the employee' self-efficacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:challenge stressors, hindrance stressors, self-efficacy, turnover tendency
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