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Effects Of Regional Innovation Network’s Structure On Technological Innovation Capability Of Enterprises

Posted on:2014-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The regional innovation networks have become more challenge while the diversification of enterprise R & D activities, and regional decentralization of partner selection. Sorting out the effective operating mechanism of regional innovation networks, improving enterprise technology innovation ability has become a research subject with realistic significance. The current research on regional innovation network are mostly from the theory of social network, will focus on network construction, network internal operation mechanism and innovation network performance evaluation, research on how does the regional innovation network act on and improve enterprise technology innovation ability is insufficient. In the past, research of innovation climate mostly focuses on effect of innovation climate on the organizational and team’s innovation performance from a single organization or team perspective. In fact, with the gathering and network of innovation behavior, the study of innovation climate should also be promoted to the whole region of the category, in order to study the role of innovation climate in the relation between regional innovation networks and the technology innovation capacity of enterprises.So, on the basis of the literature review, this article comprehensive social relationship between proximity and spatial proximity, research the effect mechanism of regional innovation network on enterprise technological innovation ability from the social property of enterprise innovation behavior and with intermediary of the regional innovation network climate. Regional innovation network is the intersection of social relation network, the regional innovation system and the network of spatial economic activities. Regional innovation network climate is a general indicator of innovation activities of enterprises, reflecting the social overall state of enterprises’innovation intention, drive for innovation and innovation behavior within the specific region. This article developed key variable scale from the enterprise perspective, through empirical analysis to verify the assumption of the model, by the combination method of qualitative and quantitative analysis to research the effective operation mechanism of regional innovation network, and from promoting enterprise innovation motivation perspective, based on path analysis results, put forward policy suggestions to create a climate of regional innovation network, for servicing innovation activities with enterprises as the main body.Conclusion of this study shows that:the regional innovation network structure can be investigated from three aspects of network density, network intensity and network heterogeneity. Regional innovation climate can be divided into three dimensions of regional sense of belonging, innovation culture and innovation policy satisfaction. Enterprise technology innovation ability can be measured from four aspects of learning ability, research ability, production capacity and the ability to integrate resources. Network density and network intensity have significant positive effect on enterprise technology innovation ability, but network heterogeneity’s influence on the enterprise technology innovation ability is not significant. Network density, network intensity and network heterogeneity all have significant positive effect on regional innovation network climate. Regional innovation network climate has significant positive effect on enterprise technology innovation ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network density, Network strength, Network heterogeneity, Climate for regional innovation network, Technological innovation ability of enterprise
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