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The Study Of Jinan Water Price Reform

Posted on:2016-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330461986331Subject:Public administration
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China has been carrying out planned low price strategy for water, electricity, oil, gas and other basic resources for a long time. However, With the rapid development of economy and society, the status and problems of water resources such as the overall shortage, uneven distribution, serious pollution, imperfect pricing mechanism and underutilization were seriously not suitable to China’s Fundamental realities that urbanization is accelerating currently, which has become the important bottleneck of accelerating urbanization process.Firstly, the essay deeply analyzed the theory of water resources and water price reform. Secondly, the analyzing is from both foreign and domestic perspectives. From abroad, it is a strong reference to the management of water resources and water price reform that laddered water price is running well including high utilization and high management efficiency. From a domestic perspective, this paper reviews the development of water price reform, analyzing the current situation of water resources management and tariff reform of China, focusing on the urban water pricing mechanisms and the reform of laddered water prices. Viewing on laddered water prices and improving water management effectiveness,the essay focuses on water resource management and utilization in the City of Jinan. There is a depth analysis of water resources situation in Jinan City, the historical evolution of water price, the reform process of laddered water price, system arrangements,defining principles, clarifying the challenges and problems. Finally, the thesis put forward ideas and solutions to improve and perfect the overall water prices system. Especially for the management of water resources in Jinan, this paper proposed goals, ideas and implementation path of water prices reform. First of all, make the cost to the public and be supervised. And what’s more, improve formation and adjustment mechanism of water price continuously. Thirdly, clear the local government functions in the city water supply, including upgrading infrastructure facilities, water subsidies for low-income groups, regulating the use of water rate, carrying out laddered water price and different quality water supplying system.Therefore, constructing formation and adjustment pricing mechanism suitable for China’s national conditions, using of water price rationally, making full use of the regulating effect of water price, consideration to efficiency and fairness, promoting water conservation, which are important means to achieve sustainable development and utilization of water resources, and has theoretical value and practical significance to improve water resources administration effectiveness in china.
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