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The Study Of Management Innovation Ability Impact On Enterprise Performance In The Medium-Size And Small Enterprises Of Science And Technology

Posted on:2016-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330464969952Subject:Business management
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Along with the development of economic globalization, to get survival and success in the sharp competition, the key is that the enterprises must carry on innovation constantly, take measures to establish their own core competitiveness, especially in the medium-sized and small enterprises of science and technology. As the main power in technological innovation, the medium-sized and small enterprises of science and technology are characterized by little construction fund, short period, quickly meeting the various demand of the market. Development of these enterprises could help make great contributions to encourage the technological development, strengthen the marketing competitiveness, increase the employment, these enterprises are also the energy and headspring of technological innovation, function well for the development of national and regional economy. The continuous innovational activity is the driving force for sustained development of medium-sized and small enterprises of science and technology. So, to enhance innovative ability is an important channel to promote scientific development, technological innovation and the economic economy.This paper reviews and arranges documents about management innovation ability at home and abroad, the characteristics of medium-sized and small enterprises of science and technology, theory and practice of enterprise performance, analyzes the evaluation index and method of science and technology enterprise’s management innovation ability and performance of related scholars, makes a good basis for selecting several indexes. According to the fact of enterprise, the author establishes the evaluations indexes of management innovation ability from four dimensions:research and development management; operation and management; regulation management and personnel quality, then makes exploratory analysis of evaluation system of management innovation ability with factor analysis. Based on this, establishes the model of management innovation’s impact on enterprise performance, chooses the data of listed companies on second-board from 2011 to 2013 as analytical samples, with the method of regression analysis, demonstrates that the enterprise performance could be enhanced by strengthening operation and management, personnel quality in administrative creativity. Enterprises should incessantly innovate and reinforce patterns and ways of enhancing efficiency through management during the process of innovation.This paper attempts to constructs the evaluation indexes of management innovation ability with quantitative and operable approach, provides a new thought and means of improving the management innovation ability in medium-sized and small enterprises of science and technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Medium-sized and small enterprises of science and technology, Management innovation ability, Performance evaluation, Factor analysis, Linear regression
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