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Study On The Conditions And Policy To Optimize The Development Of Emergency Industry In Jilin Province

Posted on:2016-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Z LianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330467494253Subject:Government Process and Governance
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Study on the conditions and policy to optimize the development ofemergency industry in Jilin Province Emergency industry actually is what we usuallycall security aid industry, this industry is mainly in order to safeguard ourcountry residents personal and property safety of the people, in order to makethe society more prosperous development and health, socialneeds and tailor made,provide all kinds of service activities of R&D, manufacturing, assembly from each sales andapplication process, it not only includesthe organs, institutions, social organizations and enterprises. The present developmentsituation of emergency industry in China compared with developed countries is stillrelatively backward, grasp the law of development of emergency industry, a cleardirection of development, good reserves of emergency rescue resourcesreasonably, improve the emergency response capacity, reduce disaster losses, the postdisaster reconstruction, is the important problem in the country at all levels ofgovernment and the modern society face. The development ofemergency industrial significance is obvious, mainly topromote the rational allocationof resources, improve the social emergency ability, can promote the developmentof industrial safety, green development, rapid development, leading the industry toenhance the GDP, can promote the upgrade of industry, optimize the industrialstructure, and can promote the awareness of disaster reduction national autonomousmaintenance, dependency. Although the opportunities for the developmentof emergencyindustry of Jilin province is large, but there is still a big gapcompared with developed provinces,as a domestic emergency backward areaof industrial development, emergent industry in Jilin province is not clearly defined, theimbalance of industrial structure, there are institutional barriers, lack of systemguarantee, talent training mechanism is not perfect, scientific research innovation abilityis low, the market lack of capital support, guide and support policy lag and otherissues. How to avoid weaknesses, seize the opportunities for development, thedisadvantage into advantage, to reduce the influence to thebottom. It has become an important mission of the development ofemergency management in Jilin province. Therefore, Jilin provinceshould take advantage of industry as the foundation, in combination, the scientific andrational planning of industrial structure, improve the industrial chain, to focus onthe production of rescueequipment disposal, improve emergency service level, so asto make clear the basic path of the development of emergency industry in Jilinprovince. At present, the development of emergencyindustry of Jilinprovince key, which requires the government policy on emergency industrycontinue todevelop and improve the. In this area, the government should continue to clear about thefuture development goals, principles and specific policies, clear responsibilities ofrelevant departments and duty; perfect the relevant laws and regulations, technicalinnovationfor the industry to improve the security ofemergency; improve government expropriation,compensation policy; improve the emergency response process of the development of the industry, thegovernment management, tax and fiscal policy. Of course, to stress that Jilinprovince industry to develop emergency emergency industry category, market operationmechanism, to properly handle the conflicts between supply and demand; to improvetheguidance and normative policy; improve the standardsystem, establish emergency basis for industrial development; to formulate fiscal andtax policy is reasonable, perfect governmentfinancing policy, provide financial supportfor the enterprises to further increase investment;scientific research team, to bringup talents.
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