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An Empirical Research On The Relationship Between Corporate Intellectual Property Rights And Performance

Posted on:2016-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B Y FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330479492827Subject:Business management
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Strategic emerging industries is about the competitiveness of the entire country among the world in the future. As the name suggests, for the industry, the core technology innovation and intellectual property management is more important than other industries. At present, listed companies belong to strategic emerging industries mainly concentrated in the small medium-sized board(SME)and growth enterprise market(GEM) that are small but have high innovation activity. Therefore, we choose this research orientation.First through to disposal the data, we can have a preliminary understanding to the general information of the companies in strategic emerging industry in our country. Then using Pearson analysis method to select sales and income per share to be the performance indicators. We get 162 effective companies from 200 samples to do the linear regression analysis to retest the hypotheses. Finally get the following conclusions: the number of patents is significantly related to corporate performance; and the lag effect that the number of patents to business performance is not large, as time progresses, the promotion that the number of patents to the corporate performance has gradually weakened. Three types of patent in promoting effect on enterprise performance is abate, the number of invention patents is the most significant correlation; Number of trademark is lack of a significant correlation with corporate performance; The value of the patent is positively related to corporate performance.Main innovation of this paper is to focus on the present situation of intellectual property rights of strategic emerging industries in SME and GEM board, and to be more comprehensive when collecting the data of listed companies, The data is contain the children of holding companies and we also consider their name changes, when choosing the independent variables, both the quantity and quality of the intellectual property rights are considered, not by the subjective choice when choosing performance indicators, but to make data filtering. We also find a new perspective to do a classified research based on the control variables.
Keywords/Search Tags:Strategic emerging industries, quantity of intellectual property rights, quality of intellectual property rights, performance
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