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The Research Of Partnership, Information And Its Effect On Supply Chain Performance

Posted on:2016-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W W HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330482967329Subject:Logistics engineering
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With the rapid development of information technology and in the wave of German Industry 4.0, more and more scholars focus on the supply chain partnership in theory and practice of supply chain management and the function mechanism of the information sharing to supply chain performance. In supply chain of the manufacturing enterprises, the cooperation and participation between cooperative partners in business and manufacturing process becomes increasingly extensive and deepening, which brings forward higher demands on the information sharing of the two parties, and meanwhile, triggers new thought regarding the influence of the information sharing on supply chain performance, that is, how the partnership and information sharing influence the supply chain performance in the current context of China’s manufacturing industry. Obviously, the study on the influence of the partnership and information sharing to supply chain performance has an important significance in both theory and practice.On the basis of the previous research the thesis combining the industrial characteristics establishes the theoretical model between partnership and information sharing with supply chain performance, in which supply chain partnership is measured by trust, commitment and communication, information sharing by internal information sharing, information sharing with clients and information sharing with suppliers, and supply chain performance by seven indexes including response speed, on-time delivery ability and structure simplifying. In the study the writer got sample data through the questionnaire survey towards top and middle level managers of 218 manufacturing enterprises and performed data analysis and conducted empirical research by means of SPSS and AMOS empirical study. There are the following conclusions.(1) The good supply chain partnership has a positive effect on information sharing. Strengthening communication between enterprises can facilitate information sharing between the partners, meanwhile, the communication also has an obvious positive impact on internal information sharing, while the trust and commitment don’t produce a significant effect on internal information sharing.(2) The internal information sharing performs mainly in supply chain performance. The empirical study has shown that the internal information sharing have a significant positive effect on supply chain performance. Through improving the quality of internal information sharing, the enterprises not only improve their business performance, but also develop a direct impact on the supply chain performance. But the external information sharing doesn’t show the similar influence.(3) The partnership has both a direct effect and an indirect effect through information sharing on the supply chain performance. The study has shown that the mutual trust and commitment between enterprises and promoting communication are the crucial factors of improving the overall supply chain performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain partnership, information sharing, supply chain performance, manufacturing enterprises
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