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Research On The Cooperation Of Supply Chain Member Enterprises

Posted on:2008-02-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119360242459751Subject:Business management
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The nineties in the 20th century,global market environment have changed greatly.For the globalization market shaping, the demand of client exigencing much,the demand of varies products enlarging that are conformating quality,reliability and environmental cri-teria,the coursenew of product development speeding up,market competition severiting increasingly, enterprises is facing a dynamical and probabilistic market environ-ment.Today,the challenge that enterprises face with is that search new operational methods to realize more flexibility,credibility and fast reaction. Supply chain that act as a new business management and operational pattern supply a new approach for manufac-turing enterprises taking full advantage of global resources,responsing market demand fastly, improveing the competitiveness, and so on.Especily,the question of supply chain relationship is a key problems of supply chain management,whese coming into operation smoothly is the powerful guarantee of high efficiency operation of suppy chain. The thesis researched supply chain relationship through utilizing management sci-ence, game theory,grey theory,information technology,and so on..1.The theoretical reference of suppy chain cooperation managementThe research of suppy chain relationship management analyzed firstly its The theo-retical reference.the these analyzed the intension,structure,character,Typies of supply chain, summarized that suppy chain is that peopleproject, harmonize,control the informa-tion flow,logistics, fund flow reasonably of supply chain,which make the through supply chain attain best combination, maximal efficiency,suppling maxiumu worth on the least cost,bring about maximal economic benefit for the whole supply chain copartner through utilizing system management technology,operation science,management science,decision supporting system,information technology,and so on in the base of that people known and grip each link, interrelation of supply chain, in order to research suppy chain relationship management deeply, the thesis analyzed the evolution process of supply chain manage-ment and the object and content of suppy chain relationship management. For the devel-opment of supply chain theory has the close relationship with the other theory and subject, the thesis researched the relationship between suppy chain relationship management and classical management thoughts and theories, analyzed the features of supply chain opra-tional pattern from economics angle. The thesis made the management theory of supply chain more perfect through refered to correlative theories and methods.2.The foundation of Supply Chain PartnershipFor make the whole supply chain have strongly competitive power, enterprises of supply chain must form the good relationship.Satisfactory partnership foundation make supply chain harmonizing,effectively operation,Supply Chain Partnership is the base of not only harmonizing, solving collision, ensuring whole stable operation, but also re-searching division of profit sharing and risk sharing mechanism,Performance evaluation of supply chain. The thesis analyzed the meaning and features and thought supply chain partnership is agreement relationship that in order to realize specific targets,the enter-prises of supply chain support each other and accept to ground on benefit sharing and risk sharing in a given period. Although the executiont of supply chain partnership bring about much benefit,it bring about risk. The thesis analyzed the benefit and risk of supply chain partnership and gave out cooperationt strategies. Then,the thesis brought forward the steps and key successful factors of supply chain partnership establishment. Once the enterprises intend to found the partnership,they must select partner and the right selection of copart-ner can guarantee cooperative realization smoothly.The thesis gave out the index system of the evaluation and selection of supply chain partnership and evaluated and selected copartners by using of the grey relevant degree method.Lastly,the thesis analyzed the con-tracts of among the supply chain partnership briefly.3.The information sharing realization of supply chain Cooperation The supply chain management emphasize cooperation among the enterprises, while the information sharing is the key of improving cooperational level undoubted.Since the importance that information sharing improves characteristics of supply chain,it is im-portant that we research information sharing of supply chain from different angles and benefit to utilize the methods integrativly.The these gave out the meaning of the informa-tion and information sharing.The information sharing is that they owner knowledge and action together among the supply chain partnership,which make supply and demand in-formation transfer in supply chain seamless and smoothly,and then it make the whole supply chain keep step with the customer's demand,shape the rational provision relation-ship and adapt complex multivariate market environment requirement. The information sharing types of supply chain have the inventory information,the information that can be saled quantity, the order information,the project information,the ultimate customs's de-mand information,the historical information and the goods transportation status informa-tion. The thesis analyzed the value of information sharing and the difficulties of realiz-ing information sharing,then,the these introduced the application of information technol-ogy in suppy chain Cooperation management. Lastly, the thesis introduced stimulant strategies of information sharing of supply chain.4.The perfection of risk management of suppy chain CooperationThe dynamic characteristics during the process of supply chain operation increases the possibility of risk generantion,the risk management and decision is the remarkably important content in the supply chain research.Not only wo must built the mechanism of profit allocation and risk sharing,but also wo should built the rational risk control mecha-nism of supply chain in order to avoid risk,decrease threat and loss of risk for supply chain.At the same time, we should built the rational risk control machine mecha-nism,analyze the probably present risk of supply chain operation,decise and adopt the preventive and emergency treatment measures to decrease farthest loss that risk bring about.The these analyzed the risk from economic angle and managing angle and gave out supply chain risk intension. supply chain risk are that owing to the existence of uncertain factors among supply chain inside and outside,they impacts and destroy safe operation of supply chain and make supply chain management cann't reach expectant targets and bring about efficiency descentent,cost increase,losing probability and hazard to whole supply chain.Through the analyses of my study of supply chain risk manegement process and my practical investigation,The thesis brought forward risk alarm management system framework of supply chain cooperation.The risk factors of supply chain include inner generative risk and outer generative risk. The thesis evaluated supply chain risk by utiliz-ing Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and gave out method of supply chain risk disposal.5. Builting comprehensivly the profit allocation pattern and mecha-nism among the enterprises of supply chainBecause each of supply chain copartners is independent economic entity,every co-partner don't give hisself up to benefit for the other copartner and realizing itself profit increase still is the most powerful power that every copartner join in supply chain. Wherefore,the key that constructs and holds together supply chain laies in whether or not it has a rational benifit sharing and risk sharing mechanism,which also is a important topic on the stability rearch of supply chain.The thesis gave out the rules of profit alloca-tion and optimized theory of supply chain enterprises.Owing to the particularity of supply chain management and its operation process,its profit allocation mode differ from the that of general enterprises inside and social group and its profit allocation has the features of win-win, much win,decision with negotiation,distribution by contribution,compensation for risk,emboding dynamic. Supply chain existent many cooperative relationship among,so the pattern of its pofit allocation must be relevant with cooperative compaction among copartners.Through analyzing present profit allocation mode,the thesis gave out profit allocation mechanism of supply chain based of Shapley,which is the pattern basing of contribution and risk sharing together.which consideres not only the contribution of the member enterprises ,but also shared danger of member enterprises,which can embody impartial principle and is favor of long-term stable development of supply chain alliance. 6.The performance evaluation of supply chain cooperationIn order to let supply chain enterprises decise and opratite themselves business en-closing the strategic objects of supply chain,it is necessary that we research the content of performance evaluation of supply chain. Only integrating the cognition of supply chain enterprises for the performance evaluation of supply chain and leting supply chain enter-prises take it as the object what they contribute to whole performance of supply chain and going through excuting the mission and profit allocation through the assessment,they can solve effectively the problem. At the same time,It contributes to superior supervisors to cognize and detect the their difference from competitor and then innovate timely the op-eration flow to adapt market's change by grasp for whole performance of supply chain.The traditional method of performance evaluation which is basing on financial analysis is difficult to evaluate the enterprises correctly,systematicly,dynamically,timely. The thesis gave out the meaning and principle of prformance evaluation of supply chain. The thesis gave out the meaning and principle of performance evaluation of supply chain.The performance evaluation of supply chain is that evaluate the whole supply chain, the operation flow and interrelation of its member(especial core enterprises) and then can identify improvely chance by comprehensive analysis and measurement enclosing differ members of supply chain strategic object. Through analyzing the production of specialists for prformance evaluation of supply chain,the thesis gave out the composition and system frame of prformance evaluation of supply chain and reapplicate the grey relevant degree method innovated to evaluate the whole performance of supply chain.7. Innovations in this thesisInnovations in this thesis are represented with the following five aspects:(1) The the-sis gave out the index system of the evaluation and selection of supply chain partnership and evaluated and selected copartners by using of the grey relevant degree method;(2) The thesis founded gave out stimulant strategies of supply chain information sharing;(3) The thesis founded risk alarm management system framework of supply chain coopera-tion and evaluated supply chain risk by utilizing Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method; (4) The thesis founded profit allocation mechanism basing of contribution and risk shar-ing together and gave out profit allocation mechanism of supply chain based of Shapley;(5)The thesis gave out the index system of performance evaluation of suppy chain and reapplicate the grey relevant degree method innovated to evaluate the whole performance of supply chain.
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