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Local Governments Support Research On The Development Of Small And Micro Enterprises

Posted on:2018-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330542481777Subject:Public management
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Small micro enterprise benign development to promote technology innovation,speed up the transformation and upgrading of industry,absorb more employment,boost social harmony and stability of huge economic and social effect,cause the attention of the governments at various levels and more and more attention,all levels have formulated relevant supporting policies to speed up the small micro enterprise development.Kunming economic and technological development zone,as a multi-functional comprehensive park,is also an important distribution area for small and micro enterprises,and the number of small and micro enterprises account for 99% of the total number of enterprises in the region.It is an important measure to strengthen the support and development of small and micro enterprises to realize the smooth and rapid development of regional economic and social development.This article comparative analysis of foreign government related policies and measures,and other domestic provinces and cities,consulting documents,collecting data,understand the kunming by the open area small micro enterprise development and policy implementation,using the method of literature analysis,comparative analysis,case analysis,the use of the functions of the government,public policy model.Smith,the new public management theory,analyze the bottleneck restricting the development of small micro enterprise growth and obstacles,and draw lessons from other provinces and cities of the country's advanced practice,in-depth study to explore the open area should support the development of small micro enterprise fostering policies and measures,in perfecting the functions of the government to promote the service level,to build industrial cluster,innovation and development,promote competition ability,increase support to perfect the relevant policy better play to the functions of the government,so as to accelerate the regional economic development.
Keywords/Search Tags:The local government, small micro enterprises, Support, Policies and measures
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