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Study On Cross-cultural Conflict In M Company

Posted on:2016-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330503450207Subject:Business Administration
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With the fast development of information technology over the 20 th century, multinational enterprises have also become generalized and globalized. The pattern of economic globalization has formed. The management of multinational enterprises is a harsh reality facing all the enterprises in China. The key to the success of multinational company management lies in the cross-cultural management.The paper regards M company as a case study. Based on the theory and knowledge of cross-cultural management, the paper analyzes the present situation of problems concerning cross-cultural management in M company and adopts the right measures of cross-cultural integration, in order to achieve the healthy development and the global strategies of the company.The paper is divided into six parts. The first part is the introduction which mainly concerns the writing purpose, significance, research background and subjects, research methods and the definition of research scope. The second part is literature review which summarizes the basic concepts adopted in the paper, and the present situation of relevant research literature at home and abroad. The third part is case description which mainly concerns the basic situation, development history, status quo and potential problems of M company. The fourth part is about the description and analysis of cultural conflict events in M company. The fifth part elaborates and studies the countermeasures of resolving the cultural conflicts of M company. The last part is the sixth part concerning summary and discussion of the cross-cultural management of M company.The main conclusion of the paper is that the successful management of multinational corporations is largely dependent on cross-cultural management. Cross-cultural management should serve for the purpose of integrating Chinese and foreign cultures and good cooperation between the two sides. Through the research of this paper, the ultimate purpose is to promote the sustainable development, and provide reference for enterprises and companies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multinational Corporations, Culture management, Culture conflict, Culture integration
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