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Theoretical And Empirical Research On The Integration Of Culture Conflict Of The Restructured SOEs

Posted on:2015-03-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109330452470703Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In the process of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) reform, restructuring is animportant measure to optimize the resource allocation, which can help the enterpriseto achieve synergy effect, so as to improve the cohesion of state-owned assets, theability to control the national economy and the competitiveness of SOEs in theinternational market. Yet it is not easy for the SOEs reform in view of the obstaclesand even the failure of the restructuring due to the cultural difference among differentregions and industries. The SOEs restructuring is not the simple combination of theorganization, personnel and finance, but the integration of the enterpriseculture. However, many problems still exist in the culture construction for theenterprises restructuring, for instance: the lack of attention on the integration ofenterprise culture and the institutional support, the lack of the assessment of corporateculture before the restructuring, the single mode, the culture conflicts, and theunrealistic culture construction, etc., and to solve all these problems, the endeavorfrom both the enterprises and the academia is required.This dissertation will discuss the integration of the culture conflict of SOEstheoretically and practically. First, based on the analysis of domestic and internationalresearch results related to enterprise culture, this dissertation summarizes thetheoretical research of enterprise culture, culture conflict and culture integration,analyzes the achievement and shortcomings of the current research, and fixes theresearch direction and thought. Second, the theory of culture conflict integration ofSOEs is expounded, including the general interpretation of the SOEs restructuring, theconnotation, characteristic, effect, main focus, process and mode of the integration ofculture conflict of SOEs. Third, this dissertation aims at realizing the culture conflictintegration in the process of SOEs restructuring through the establishment of thecultural integration model and the specific implementation steps. Fourth, theevaluation index system of cultural integration management designed in thisdissertation is applied to assess effectively the result of the culture conflict integrationof the restructured SOEs. Fifth, with the successful case of Shandong Energy Group,the precision and effectiveness of the thesis statement is interpreted through theempirical study of its culture integration in the process of restructuring, the analysis ofthe background, process and the effectiveness of the cultural integration of ShandongEnergy Group and the introduction of its successful experience.The main innovation of this dissertation will be found in the following threeaspects:(1) This dissertation enriches the management theory of the integration ofculture conflict of the restructured SOEs through putting forward constructiveviewpoints on the connotation of enterprise culture and the culture integration of the SOEs restructuring, and establishing the theoretical research framework and technicalroute of the culture conflict integration of the SOEs restructuring.(2) To implementthe Game Theory in the study of the process of the culture conflict integration of therestructured SOEs, the management process and strategy and the whole processmanagement of the SOEs restructuring is fully discussed.(3) This dissertationestablishes the effect evaluation system for the culture integration of the SOEsrestructuring, implying Delphi Method and AHP to confirm the index and its weight,and the comprehensive evaluation to establish the evaluation process of the cultureintegration of the restructured SOEs. The method is also implied into the empiricalresearch so as to verify each other.
Keywords/Search Tags:State-owned enterprises, Restructuring, Culture conflict, Culture integration, Effect evaluation
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