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The Case Study Of Operator M’s Flow Management Strategy For Mobile Internet

Posted on:2016-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330503453182Subject:Business administration
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As the core of the communication industry, telecom operators have been in quite a long time in charge of the entire value chain, especially the value of customers. But in the era of mobile Internet, operators suffered a great challenge, as the explosion of data traffic, network infrastructure investment increases, but profit decrease. To deal with the situation, operators are racing to develop the flow management Strategy, promote flow products, hoping to regain a competitive advantage.In this paper the existing flow management strategy and the business model of operator M has been analyzed and studied, also the existing problem, and then put forward the adjustment scheme of the mobile Internet flow management strategy and the corresponding business model. According to the mobile Internet mode, operators should redesign of the traffic management products so as to win consumers. This case take the biggest mobile communications operator M as the research object, because it is the most typical one, so the case has certain popularization value. The main object of this case is the flow management strategy of M operators in the mobile Internet era, its essence is to help operators to implement the strategic transformation in the competitive situation.Through the case study, we can guide operators how to do in the mobile Internet era, how to make full use of their own resources to achieve integrated operations in support of new technology, such as big data, smart pipe, business model innovation, so they can win the competition.
Keywords/Search Tags:flow management, mobile Internet, big data, smart pipe, integrated operation, De-telecom
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