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The Strategy Research On Flow Operation Of Mobile Internet In ZLTZB Company

Posted on:2015-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330518991571Subject:The MBA
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On January 7th,2009,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology granted 3 sheets of Third Generation Mobile Communication(3 G)License to China Unicom,China Telecom and China Mobile,which means the arrival of 3G era in China.The rapid development of mobile internet causing by the grant of 3G licenses and the popularity of cell phones make mobile data grow explosively.Therefore,the mobile internet field becomes the competition focus among telecommunication operators,internet enterprises and communication equipment manufacturers in China.The rapid development of the mobile internet led to explosive growth of data flow for the telecommunication operations.But it did not bring the income growth,which led to the mismatching between income and data flow and the failure of investment benefits.The key question need to be solved immediately is to make better use of unique advantages,avoid or mitigate channelization,improve unit users' flow consumption and the values of unit flow.It has become the common choice of the telecom operators to increase the income of flow and focusing on the flow operation.As one of local companies of China Unicom,ZLTZB Company has advantage in internet and 3G users scale.But it did not actually form its own differentiated competitive advantages during the four years when 3G business was under operation.The company lacks specific strategic directions on the operational level and the marketing and operation is comparatively extensive.This thesis makes research on the flow management strategy of ZLTZB Corporation.Firstly,facing the rapid development of mobile internet and the increasingly fierce competition of 3G services and in order to reach the transformation of operator in new era and achieve the goals of sustainable,healthy,and rapid development of the enterprise,the goals of the flow operation of the ZLTZB Company is set as follows according to resources and operational capacity of the Company.The goals focus on flow operation income and benefits indicators of the group and provincial company,deepen all work and improve differentiation marketing service means of flow operation.Carry out fine management,precision delivery and accurate operation to accomplish double breakthrough of scale and quality in flow income,thereby to improve the main income contribution continuously.Secondly,analyze and evaluate the internal advantages and disadvantages and external opportunities and threats to explore the adaptation strategies of flow operation for the ZLTZB Company.Use Internal and external factor evaluation matrix,analytic hierarchy process and the quantitative strategic analysis matrix to give qualitative and quantitative evaluation,and form optional strategy from three aspects of expanding flow scale,enriching flow connotation and improving flow level to establish the implementation security system of operation for the ZLTZB Company.The effective and powerful implementation of the strategy on Internet marketing of electronic channels,applicable content,intelligent terminal,fine marketing strategy,service differentiation strategy will helps perfect key indicators of the flow operation,upgrade level of flow operation,enhance the contribution degree of mobile value-added business development and mobile flow incomes,thereby to keep the company within the advanced level and leading status in the provincial company.4G era indicates higher speed network,faster access rate,and richer content and applications.Data flow will continue to grow in the future.Basing on the operation experience of 3Q ZLTZB Corporation will keep on consolidate and expand the differentiated marketing services during 4G era,which pushes the flow operation of 4G to a higher level.
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