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Research On The Causes And Countermeasures Of The Risks Of The "36?" Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Posted on:2019-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Equity-based crowdfunding as a kind of over-the-count financing mode,not only can make full use of society idle capital to provide incubation services for start-up companies,but also give investors a higher investment income.However,the one project for the collection of more investors,and most of the companies are invested in the start-up period,so there is a greater risk in the investment process.As a intermediary to investment Equity-based crowdfunding,Equity raise public platform not only should adopt proper methods to control the investor's risk,but also has to be controlled to the overall platform a reasonable risk management method is the basis for the healthy development of the Equity-based crowdfunding.This paper mainly make a case analysis for "36 krypton" Equity-based crowdfunding platform,research for risk management method in Equity-based crowdfunding platform,and questionnaire survey of financial professionals combined with the classical company contract theory to obtain principal-agent risk in "36 krypton" platform.And the paper use the principal-agent theory to analyze factors for these risks.According to these risk factors get countermeasures and suggestions to improve the “36 krypton” platform risk management system.So as to further optimize risk management method for Equity-based crowdfunding platform in our country.This study found that the risk of "36 krypton" equity investor is mainly due to the lack of risk consciousness of investment,the risk of leader investor is the low quality of agent,poor objective constraint and the financing is the poor quality of the agent,the lack of post-IPO management,the less liability for breach of contract and the poor financial environment.The risk of the platform side mainly comes from the internal control Poor,inadequate information transmission and platform side in a higher operating leverage environment.Finally,according to the analysis results,the corresponding wind control suggestions are given to the "36 krypton" stake.
Keywords/Search Tags:Equity-based crowdfunding, Risk cause analysis, Principal-agent, Risk management
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