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The Engraving Representational Symbol Repeated Combination Of Emotional Expression

Posted on:2017-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330503471196Subject:Fine art printmaking
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Painting, the use of symbols in the picture works showing a different beautiful scenery, symbol depicting a variety of combinations of variety and, printmaking, figurative the use of symbols in the print is worth thinking, the nature in the sense of objects of interest symbol, let it become the creation of content, after images of the duplication,combination, the screen will show different visual perception, the visual representational symbol, the living symbol of objects of creation, he will send creators different ideas and emotions. Not the same repetition and combination, will produce different screen effects and different atmosphere, can make the picture with the writers "emotion"- happy, sad,melancholy, quiet, even nonsensical, with ultra realistic picture sense,I created "when Bird Road define the sky" series in terms of, the symbol is I love the objects on the life, perception of life, I gave they belong to my understanding, I think sustenance, is the embodiment of my attitude and outlook on life. With the help of the fish and birds in the creation of the image of their opposition, the interpretation of the creation,these symbols of the repeated combination of visual experience, is the heart of the idea and understanding of life.
Keywords/Search Tags:sign, repetition, emotion expression
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