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A Research On The Chinese Learning Strategies Of Students In Confucius Institute Of Sapporo University In Japan

Posted on:2019-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330545490335Subject:Chinese international education
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This paper is primarily aimed at a survey of Chinese learning strategies of Confucius Institute in Sapporo University of Japan.It adopts the method of documentary,that is,the method of consulting some related literature on Chinese learning strategies and of collecting and summarizing relevant knowledge and theories,to provide a theoretical reference for the paper.It uses the questionnaire survey to compile a list of questions,based on the "language learning strategy survey scale"(SILL)of Oxford University,and combined with specific conditions suitable for a study of Confucius Institute of Sapporo University in Japan,to study the Chinese learning strategies of the students there.It also employs the statistical analysis,using SPSS software and Microsoft Excel,to collate and analyze the obtained data and draw out the corresponding charts.There are five parts in this paper.The first part expounds the background and significance of the study,the relevant theories of learning strategies,the current research situation and research methods.The second and three parts are the crucial parts,which clarify the basic situation of the research object,analyze the specific situation of each learning strategy,and discuss the factors that affect the learning strategies.In the fourth part,it supplies some helpful suggestions concerning the research.The fifth part is the conclusion of the article,which illustrates the conclusions,shortcomings and prospects for the future.The study found that students of the Confucius institute at Sapporo university in Japan used memory strategies most often in Chinese learning.They do not frequently use emotional strategy.And the most frequently used method in memory strategy is.” In order to memorize the new words of Chinese,I will think of the situation I am in to use this word “ and “ In order to have a stronger memory,I will write down the new Chinese words on a card” The least commonly used method is.”I will think about the connection between the new knowledge and the old knowledge.”and “I will combine the pronunciation,glyph and meaning of the new Chinese words to memorize this new word.”In addition,the study also summarized the mostcommonly used and least-used learning strategies in 39 specific strategies of the Confucius institute of Sapporo university in Japan.In the end,this study also analyzes the factors that influence the Chinese learning strategies of the Confucius institute in Sapporo university.It was found that gender had significant influence on memory strategy,cognitive strategy,compensation strategy,metacognitive strategy,emotional strategy and social strategy in the Confucius institute of Sapporo university in Japan.Age factors of Confucius institute in Sapporo,Japan university students' Chinese learning strategies mainly reflects in the memory strategy,compensation strategy,affective strategy,while in cognitive strategies,metacognitive strategies and social strategies,there is no significant influence.Learning time in Sapporo,Japan university students of the Confucius institute of Chinese learning strategy mainly in the effects of memory strategies,cognitive strategies,compensation strategies,on the emotion strategy,social strategy is significant,with no significant effect on metacognitive strategy;Learning motivation of students in Sapporo,Japan university Confucius institute Chinese learning strategy is mainly manifested in memory strategies,affective strategies and social strategies.But the cognitive strategies,meta cognitive strategies and compensation strategies had no significant effect.This study will provide some references for further and system study of Japanese students' Chinese learning strategies and characteristics.Some advice are also provided for teaching in the Confucius institute at Sapporo university in Japan.So the promotion of improvement and adjustment will be made in Chinese language learning and teaching effect of Confucius institute at Sapporo university in Japan.And give some efforts to the development of Chinese in Japan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Confucius Institute, Chinese learning, learning strategies, SILL
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