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Investigation And Research On Chinese Learning Motivation Of Ethiopian Confucius Institute Students

Posted on:2022-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2515306509975529Subject:Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
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Motivation is one of the important psychological factors that affect second language acquisition.It is not only the most important reason for learners to start learning a second language,but also a driving force for them to make continuous efforts.In recent years,there are more and more Chinese learners all over the world.This paper looks into the motivation of Chinese learning of Confucius Institute Students in Ethiopia,for instance the students at Confucius Institute of Addis Ababa University as the research object,I managed to do a questionnaire and a phone interview on the influence of learners on Chinese learning motivation and gender,age,Chinese level and other factors.It is hoped that the on-the-spot investigation of students' Chinese learning motivation in Confucius Institute of Addis Ababa University can help schools and teachers understand the characteristics of students' Chinese learning and improve the quality and efficiency of teaching.This paper consists of four parts;The first chapter of this paper introduces the research background,research purpose and significance,research methods and research ideas.Based on the references,put forward the research basis and value of this article,the research summary of domestic and foreign learning motivation and the research situation of Chinese as a second language learning motivation.The second chapter focuses on the design and investigation of the questionnaire.for instance using the students of Confucius Institute of Addis Ababa University as the survey object,the questionnaire was designed and distributed to the students according to the actual situation,and then the data were collected for data analysis.The third chapter is the analysis of the results of the study motivation survey of the Confucius Institute of Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia,using SPSS and Excel statistical software to analyze the data.This paper first analyzes the overall learning motivation of the learners,then analyzes the learners' learning motivation from the perspectives of gender,age,and Chinese proficiency,and then analyzes the specific learning motivation of individual learners once again.In the fourth chapter,based on the above investigation and research,some suggestions are put forward to stimulate learners' motivation.We believe that teachers can establish a good relationship with students,maintain expectations of students,and can also use multimedia teaching materials and teaching methods to create a rich and attractive classroom environment and extracurricular activities,through in-depth understanding of the characteristics of teaching objects and through the use of appropriate ways to attract learners to learn better.
Keywords/Search Tags:Motivation, Chinese Learning, Confucius Institute of Addis Ababa University
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