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Comments On The Translation Of The Seven Fat Brides Under Semantic And Communicative Perspectives

Posted on:2017-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The material of The Seven Fat Brides used in this project is a post-modernist novel written by an American Jewish writer,Pearl Abraham.This work possesses a unique style of post-modernism,such as unconventional writing format,nonstandard grammar and punctuations and suddenly changed scenes;and there are a lot of Jewish and American cultures.Only by understanding these cultures can the translator understand the essence of this work.It is a difficult question that the author of this report has met in the process of translating that how to translate the unique post-modernist style and its cultures,which is one of the criteria to evaluate whether the translation is faithful to the original work or not.This report takes the translation of The Seven Fat Brides as an example,in order to explore the instructional significance of Peter Newmark's semantic and communicative translation strategies to post-modernist American Jewish Fiction.Methods of literature researching,concept analysis,case study,contrasting and so on are used in this paper.By sum up the process and result of translation,the author summarizes three translation strategies applying to post-modernist American Jewish novel,which are the translation of writing style,semantic discrimination and the preservation of culture.This study draws the following conclusion: when translating literary works,the translation quality and efficiency can be improved based on semantic translation strategy,and supplemented by communicative translation strategy.These three strategies summed up in this report are not only applicable to the translation of post-modernist American Jewish novels,but also to the translation of other literary works with rich cultures.It is hoped that this report can give some enlightenment to other translators.
Keywords/Search Tags:Literature translation, Post-modernist novel, American Jewish culture, Text typology, Semantic and Communicative translation
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