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A Translation Report Of Conscious Marketing (Excerpts) Based On Text Typology Theory

Posted on:2018-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D S LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330566960228Subject:English translation
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Conscious Marketing: How to Create an Awesome Business with a New Approach to Marketing(chapter1–chapter5)is selected as the research object of this translation report.This book analyzes the shortcomings in the existing marketing strategies and proposes a new conscious marketing approach.The content relates to the areas including marketing,commerce,and internet.Under the guidance of Newmark?s text typology,the author of this report discusses the specific translation method and techniques adopted in the process of the translation practice.On the basis of Buhler's language function theory,Newmark proposed to divide texts into three types: expressive,informative and vocative.And for different types of text,a translator should use different translation methods.Thus,he proposed two translation methods which are semantic translation and communicative translation.Semantic translation is suitable for translating expressive text,and communicative translation is a good choice to translate informative and vocative text.According to Newmark's text typology,combined with the characteristics of the source text,the translator found that the book is mainly an informative text,with some vocative function.Therefore,in the process of translation,the translator mainly used communicative translation method,including literal translation,annotation,splitting,restructuring and other specific translation techniques,so that the original information and author's intentions can be completely transferred and the target text can be well accepted by target readers.This translation report comprises the following parts: the first chapter is a brief introduction of the source text and its main content as well as the research significance;the second chapter is about the translation process which includes the selection of parallel texts and translation tools,analysis of text type and the adopted translation methods;the third chapter introduces Peter Newmark?s text typology and his translation methods;the fourth chapter discusses the specific translation techniques adopted in the translation process with some examples selected from the source text;the last chapter is the conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:text typology, informative text, semantic translation, communicative translation
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