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Stduy On Functional Transformation Of Urban Fringe Neighborhood Offices

Posted on:2016-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330485458728Subject:Public administration
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With the rapid development of economy and the fast advancing of urban-rural fringe area, URIA, as a frontier of our country in the process of urbanization, changed greatly in economy and social structure. However, it also has a series of problems, such as, dirty environment, chaotic planning, complex population and lack of facilities etc. For the sub-district administrative office, which is the main resposibility of construction planning, public management and service, envrionment management and social governing, its urgent task is accelerating the transformation of government, improving the public service and management level constantly. The transformation of the functions of the sub-distirct administrative offices, not only embodies the necessity of building a service-oriented government function system, but also is the only way to improve and promote the reform of our government system.By analysing the functional transformation of Jixia sub-district office, which is in the urban-rural fringe area, this essay tells us that it achieve its goal through adjusting the inner structure to enrich administrative functions, combining the advantages of location to optimization function of economic development and improving the functions of the public service,etc. Based on this, it put forward the goal and path of transformation of urban-rural office functions.The sub-district administrative offices in URIA is rather different from those in cities. And it should has clear three goals:(1) optimize the function of economic development.(2) improve the urbanmanagement and public service functions.(3) strengthen the coordination functions. In the path of transformation, it should straighten out the neighborhood offices belonging to the district government and the functions of the Department relationship; establish a professional working team; support and guide social organizations to play a role in boosting; promote the transformation of the economic functions, implementation of new financial security mechanism; strictly implement administration according to law, provide legal protection for the street function; scientific improvement of street work evaluation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban-rural fringe area, The sub-district administrative office, The transformation of government functions
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