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Problems And Countermeasures Of Local Governmental Public Services Outsourcing

Posted on:2017-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330488985058Subject:Administrative Management
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The administration crisis which appeared in 1980s among western developed countries forced them to take a new contemplation on government functions and they realized that the original administrative means should be reformed. The new public management movement pointed national governments in the right direction, which were introducing competition mechanisms to public service system and carrying on privatization reform. One of the approaches of realizing privatization of public services is to outsource it to social enterprises or organizations, thus the functions of the government can be changed. With the transformation of the its concept, character and function, the government replaced its former monopoly mode in the age of regulation by outsourcing the public service to experienced and well qualified enterprises or social organizations. This outsourcing mode has received a good practice effect. It has effectively reduced the administrative costs and improved the efficiency of administration, which made the public satisfaction of public service increase perpendicularly. The public outsourcing service has been developing in our country for several years. Although it has made certain achievements, it also exposed some problems. Generally speaking, in respect of outsourcing public service, all regions are still at a preliminary exploration stage. They just slavishly copied foreign theories and haven’t formed theoretical system which was based on its practical condition.Sanitation service, which is a public basic service of the government, is one of the earliest areas where public service outsourcing has been tried and conducted. The sanitation service outsourcing behavior at home and abroad has greatly enhanced and improved the quality of sanitation service. The sanitation service outsourcing behavior in many cities of our country is an eminent and effective service supplying means, which has vigorously promoted the construction of ecological civilization and improved public satisfaction.This thesis starts with the background and significance of government purchases of public services. Public choice theory, new public management and governance theory are taken as the theoretical support. This thesis analyses the theoretical and practical achievements of the purchases of sanitation services at home and abroad through document collection, comparative analysis, case analysis and other methods. At last, Shenzhen and Jinan government outsourcing sanitation service is studied as a specific case. The author indicates its problem in sanitation service outsourcing, analysis of existing problems from three perspectives of government, contractors and the society. The author also proposes several advices, such as define the role of the government, standardizing program of outsourcing, establishing the regulatory system, promoting the development of sanitation market and build a good social environment for the sanitation industry.
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