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Research On The Management Innovation Of Dezhou Municipal Government From The Perspective Of Electronic Government

Posted on:2017-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330503984434Subject:Public administration
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In the context of the Internet era, the reform and innovation of China’s government agency management and service functions into a deepening development stage, E-government as a new "Internet government" management mode, not only to change the function of government, deepen the reform of government system, but also to speed up the construction of government information, and improve the innovation of government service mode. The municipal government more conducive to the government’s use of the Internet platform for the enterprises and citizens to provide public quality and efficient public services, to provide more equal opportunities and greater creative space for enterprises and the citizens. The development of e-government, promote the publicity of government affairs, decentralization, online services, optimize work flow, improve the government administrative service quality and efficiency, the construction of people’s satisfaction with the rule of law government, government innovation, honest government and service-oriented government.Taking the Dezhou City as an example. Analysis current situation of the development of the Dezhou City e-government, carried on the thorough discussion to the relevant problems existing in the course of its development, put forward the specific countermeasures of difficult problems existing to promote the innovation of government management, in order to promote the continuous improvement of the Dezhou City, the level of development of e-government, promote the work of government information disclosure, data sharing, provide the citizens with a higher quality of service updates and quality.The article is divided into six parts:Specifically, the first part is the introduction, discusses the background and significance of the research, present situation of research on the topic analysis and carding the academic, research ideas and methods of this paper.The second part reviews the theories of e-government and government management innovation, including the definition of e-government, the definition of government management innovation, the relationship between E-government and government management, and promote, expounds the theoretical basis of the development of e-government.The third part explains the current situation of the development of e-government, promote the innovation of local governmental management role, and problems.The fourth part focuses on the development of E-government in the Dezhou city, to promote the practice of the Dezhou municipal government management innovation and the development of e-government, summarizes the existing problems in the development process and the existence of the problem.The fifth part is the analysis of the Ji’nan City, Qingdao city and Zaozhuang city government to promote the development of E-government in construction management, the advanced experience of the use and management of the city of Dezhou and Its Enlightenment on the development of e-government.The sixth part in view of the above problems, put forward countermeasures and suggestions for the further development of government management innovation to promote the Dezhou City e-government.The development of e-government provides new opportunities and technical support for government management innovation, but the E-government is a new thing, the technical requirement is far beyond the reality of local government management. In this paper on the Dezhou City e-government to investigate the exploration research, trying to play to improve the level of e-government, improve the job satisfaction of the Dezhou city government.
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