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Research On Cultivating Law-Ruling Thinking Of Administrative Law-Enforcement Cadres

Posted on:2017-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the helmsman of social security and public personal and property safety fire protection,the law enforcement thinking of fire brigade law enforcement cadres has special requirements,and the cultivation of the rule of law thinking and the improvement of rule of law thinking ability are important links in the process of legal system construction and reform ? Therefore,in order to train the law enforcement thinking of the law enforcement officers of the fire brigade,this article provides the reference for the cultivation of the law-ruling thinking of the administrative law-enforcement cadres?The first part of the article is to introduce the theory of the rule of constitutionality?First of all,The article will definite it?Then,on the basis of a certain understanding in he rule of constitutionality,combined with fire specialties of administrative law enforcement cadres,fire law enforcement officers rule of constitutionality has special requirements----prevention first,a concept of rule constitutionality? Finally,it will analyze the formation process of from the formation of cogitation of constitutionality,including the basis of the of rule constitutionality-legal knowledge,the external representation-legal behavior,the spirit of the core-the rule of law and other aspects of the concept?The second part of this article intends to focus on the cogitation of constitutionality of fire prevention law thinking path on the basis of certain understanding,such as fire brigade law enforcement officials’ s weak legal knowledge,The frequentity of legality and the lack of the concept of the rule of law,which reflecting the importance of the rule of law thinking and urgency?The third part of this paper intends to further analysise the reasons for the lack of legal thinking of the law enforcement of the fire brigade----The rule of the rule of man,the reality of the performance evaluation of the constraints and imperfect supervision mechanisms such as analysis? Among them,the rule of the rule of man mainly reflected in the power of the supremacy of thinking and fire law enforcement procedures and other forms of formality?The reality of the performance evaluation system is mainly reflected in China’s current administrative law enforcement system performance evaluation criteria are not systematic,performance evaluation methods are not scientific performance and application of inadequate assessment and so on?The imperfect supervision mechanism of administrative law enforcement system is mainly due to two reasons : the imperfect system of responsibility and the weak public supervision of administrative law enforcement?The fourth part of this paper intends to form the path of the rule of law based on the law enforcement of fire brigade cadres to develop the rule of law as an example of administrative law enforcement cadres to improve the administrative law enforcement cadres of the path of thinking of the training path proposed,mainly in legal knowledge and learning Practice,the formation of the concept of the rule of law and administrative law enforcement supervision mechanism of perfection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cogitation of Constitutionality, Administrative law enforcement cadre, The Fire Department
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