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The Research On The Lifestyle Of Rural Areas Under The Waves Of Building "Beautiful Countryside"

Posted on:2018-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In 2008,Ji'an county,one area in Zhejiang Province put forward to build"China's beautiful country".The concept of "beautiful China" was put forward for the first time in 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.The construction of the "beautiful China" is the constructional basis of "beautiful countryside".In the current construction under the background of "beautiful country",the development of the rural will inevitably impact on farmers' way of life.Under the background of "beautiful countryside",with the actions of "rural civilization action" in Shandong Province,this paper aims to make researches on rural way of life.In this paper,using literature study and investigation method,under the background of construction of "beautiful countryside",the author want to study the change of the rural way of life,after the "rural civilization action" was carried out in Shandong Province.After defining the related concepts,literature review,this paper has the following findings.First of all,there are some problems of rural lifestyle:out-dated values and outmoded conventions and customs;out-dated consumption ideas and prevailing unhealthy consumption pattems;simplistic recreational way and frail cultural meaning;degradation of rural environmental and inadequate infrastructure,etc.And then,through carrying out the action of rural civilization,rural way of life in Shandong Province has the following changes.The natural conditions and social conditions of rural lifestyle in Shandong Province was improved.The interpersonal relationship of farmers has improved.The way to dispose household rubbish is more environmental.When eating,the farmer pays more attention to reasonable nutrition collocation and eat healthy.In terms of consumption,the consumption of weddings and funerals is more reasonable.The villagers actively participate in the "new farmer's new life" training activities,the training effect is very good.In the end,to improve the rural way of life,there are the following policy recommendations:speeding up the construction of rural economy and setting the material basis for the improvement of the rural way of life;focusing on rural spiritual civilization construction and improving mental foundation for rural way of life.The improvement of rural lifestyles requires a path of state-led,project-driven,social and market synergies and peasant participation.
Keywords/Search Tags:"beautiful countryside", rural lifestyles, " rural civilization action"
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