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Research On Evolvement Of South China Sea Policy Across Taiwan Strait And Cooperation In Maintaining Rights And Interests

Posted on:2018-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Globally,disputes over territorial sovereignty or maritime delimitation could be found in more than a dozen regions,yet most of them are of bilateral nature.The Spratly disputes are at the core of the South China Sea issues.The Spratly region is the maritime zone where there are multilateral disputes over territorial sovereignty,maritime jurisdiction,exclusive economic zone,and outer continental shelf.Under the influence of traditional security and non-traditional security factors,and with the interaction of internal and external forces,the disputes in the Spratly region have become the most outstanding case in East Asia in the post-Cold War era with the most stakeholders,the most conspicuous divergences and the most complicated issues.The two sides across-Taiwan Strait hold similar views and share common interests in South China Sea issues.The PRC and the Taiwan region are in a relationship of political opposition within an un-unified country.Legally,the PRC is the only subject of international law to enjoy the national right to maintain Chinese territorial sovereignty and maritime rights.As a part of China,the Taiwan region has a large amount of historical literature,which provides a lot of direct evidence for protecting Chinese rights in the South China Sea.From a macro point of view,there is a certain degree of linkage between South China Sea issue and Taiwan issue.If Taiwan issue is resolved first,then it helps a unified China focus on solving South China Sea issues.Likewise,the course of solving South China Sea issue helps bridge the gap between the two sides and gets the Taiwan issue resolved.Therefore,while developing the South China Sea,the PRC should take care of Taiwan's interests and pay attention to the special role played by Taiwan.Although cross-strait cooperation in the South China Sea still faces numerous difficulties and impossibilities,but in front of the national interests,cross-strait policy makers need to show vision,pool wisdom,set up a cooperation framework consistent with common will and choose a feasible path.In short,the cooperation between the two sides in the South China Sea will always be "1 + 1>2."This paper is divided into seven parts.The first part is introduction,including the background and meaning of the topic,the research content and method,the basis of choosing the topic,and the research status quo.The second part defines the focus of this paper as the South China Sea issue and maritime rights in the South China Sea.The third part describes the South China Sea issue's influence on the mainland,Taiwan and cross-strait relations,and attempts to illuminate the cause of the cross-strait cooperation in the South China Sea.The fourth part describes the evolvement of the two sides' South China Sea stance and policy and introduces the current dilemma of the cross-strait cooperation in the South China Sea.The fifth part summarizes the factors that restrict the cross-strait cooperation.The sixth part suggests that the two sides should cooperate under the framework of "One China",strengthen national sentiments,establish political and security trust.In a practical and step-by-step manner,the two sides can advance confidence and cooperation through cooperation and work together to promote China's territorial sovereignty in the South China Sea,protect Chinese nation's ancestral rights,serve China's strategic goal of building a strong maritime power,move forward the reunification of the two sides,and develop good neighborly relations with regional countries.The seventh part is conclusion.The highlight goes from the third to the sixth part.The states bordering the sea burgeon while the land-locked ones are more likely to fall.This is a truth proven worldwide and is an authentic reflection of the Chinese history.Sea power has a bearing on the rise or fall of a state,and he who takes the initiative in ocean development will become strong.Nowadays,all of the maritime disputes in which China is embroiled are related to global race for sea power.Development and utilization of the seas is the general trend of the world.It is inevitable for China to face,understand and utilize the seas on the way to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
Keywords/Search Tags:South China Sea issues, Evolvement of South China Sea policy across Taiwan Strait, Cooperation in Maintaining Rights, Bolster mutual trust
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