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Research On The Strategies To The Cross-Strait Cooperation On The Issue Of South China Sea

Posted on:2018-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330515992059Subject:Political Theory
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Twenty-first Century is a century of ocean focus.At present,if a country wants to promote its status in the world and improve its diplomatic discourse,then it is the best choice to pay attention to the struggle on the sea.The South China Sea is located in the south of China,located at the intersection of Pacific and India ocean,is one of the world's air and sea transport routes,the geographical position is extremely important,and the South China Sea area has abundant oil and gas resources and biological resources,the South China Sea issue has become a hot issue that relates to regional sovereignty,islands and maritime transportation routes clear allocation of resources benefit range.Western strategists have called the "Asian Mediterranean",more scholars "who took control of the South China.Sea,who would control the surrounding important strait,bold assertion who controlled the whole East Asia and Pacific region".With the United States,Japan,India and other countries joined the intervention of the South China Sea,the South China Sea issue is particularly fierce,and has become a focus of attention in the international community.China's mainland and Taiwan are parties to the South China Sea dispute,and the current situation has forced the two sides of the Straits to consider cooperation on the South China Sea issue.Based on the current cross-strait policy of the South China Sea,the South China Sea Islands is a strategic pressure on China's inherent territory and "Anti China Alliance"analyzes the necessity in cross-strait cooperation in the South China Sea,the two sides of the Taiwan Strait in the South China Sea sovereignty,consistent close economic cooperation,the identity of the Chinese culture,offers the possibility of for the development of cross-strait cooperation.At the same time,analyzes the factors that hinder cross-strait cooperation,the sovereignty principle differences on both sides of the Strait is the root of the problem,the extraterritorial powers interference is external reason,the political situation in Taiwan area is the internal reason.Through comprehensive analysis,put forward the Countermeasures of the cooperation in the South China Sea on the both sides of the Strait,in order to promote the peaceful settlement of the South China Sea issue,to protect our national sovereignty,promote Chinese mainland and Taiwan friendly and peaceful development.
Keywords/Search Tags:both sides of the Taiwan Straits, South China Sea, the issue of South China Sea, cooperation, countermeasures
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