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Design And Effectiveness Analysis Of Electronic Supervision Mechanism In Northwest China

Posted on:2017-10-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330533451548Subject:Public administration
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Since the development of network information technology in the 1990 s,the application of electronic supervision has become popular all over China.Electronic supervision,an empirical application of information governmence,based on the development of electronic government,aims to prevent corruption by perfecting monitoring function,regulating power operation,and supervising power exertion through such scientific and technological means used by supervisory organs as information technology,communication technology and network technology.Considering the trend of electronic supervision in China,it has become an important means of regulating administrative action and enhancing administrative efficiency,an important measure for controlling corruption from the source.China has achieved certain results in exploring the establishment of the mechanism of full electronic supervision and administration.Elctronic supervision in administrative approval has been widely applied in not just in developed areas in mid-east China,but also in municipalities and counties in Gansu province.However,no sophisticated solution is available for reference in terms of expanding the width and depth of the application of electronic supervision,including how to gradually expand the single administrative approval to anti-poverty funds and corruption-prone areas such as Three-Importances and One Large(i.e.important decision-making for state-owned enterprises,important personnel arrangements,important project arrangements and large amount of capital operation),how to expand supervision from implementation to decision process,and how to change post hoc supervising and punishing to corruption provention from the source.Besides,electronic supervision application in some areas,lack of top-tier operating mechanism design and versatile functions,fails to extend the advantage of electronic supervision technology to the fullest and achieve the goal of corruption prevention,and decreases the efficiency of electronic supervision system,acts as Face Job in local governments,and causes huge resource waste due to its failure to establish efficiency evaluating system of electronic supervision system.The acdamic circle rarely touches upon scientific effectiveness analysis of electronic supervision,either.This paper,studying the case of the construction and operation of electronic supervision system in Pingchuan District,Gansu Province,is divided into two parts.First,starting from exploring the effect of corruption prevention of electronic supervision,the paper studies the basic function setting and operational mechanism design of electronic supervision system in Pingchuan District,and analyzes how electronic supervision system effectively monitors public power and thus realizes corruption prevention through its nine subsystems.Second,by categorizing theeffectiveness of electronic supervision according to target,efficiency and result of supervision,and listing the empirical data and cases of electronic supervision system in Pingchuan District,based on analytic hierarchy process for performance evaluation of electronic supervision system,this paper conducts effectiveness analysis on electronic supervision system in Pingchuan District.Moreover,based on the examples of the development of electronic supervision in Pingchuan District,in response to the stagnated application of the work of supervision in the context of the popular application of electronic supervision in Northwest China,this paper conducts an in-depth analysis of the design and supervisory potency of electronic supervision mechanism,explores practical problems of electronic supervision system in Northwest China,and gives suggestions on the development of electronic supervision,in order to help electronic supervision part a better warning part in anti-corruption.
Keywords/Search Tags:electronic supervision, corruption prevention, mechanism design, effectiveness analysis
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