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Research On The Operation Optimization Of The Four Level Service System Of Dalian Public Administration

Posted on:2017-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330533950935Subject:Public administration
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With the transformation of China’s administrative system reform and government functions deeply, public administrative service system has become an important carrier of local government management innovation, has very important significance for economic and social development and improve people’s livelihood. Establish and improve the public service system, contribute to the implementation of administrative examination and approval system reform, promote open government, improve the efficiency of public administration services, has become a local government to promote the important initiatives of building a service-oriented government.Local government to serve the public’s concept as the guide, gradually from the early attention to the development of a single platform for the development of a single platform for the entire public administrative service system of standardized operation. By setting up through vertical and horizontal joint multi level public administration service system, unity and help to achieve the equalization of public administrative services, can effectively resolve the contradictions at the grassroots level, to the service of the masses to solve the "last mile" problem.Since 2006, Dalian city continue to promote the construction of four level service system of public administration, after nearly 10 years of development, gradually to build a municipal government public administrative service center as the core, covering the district(county), street(township) and community(Village) of public administrative service level Four network operation. Because Dalian public administration four class service system is still in the practical exploration stage, in the actual operation still faces many problems, the construction of the four level service system will be a gradual development and improvement process.This paper studies the construction of service-oriented government is analyzed and explained through the concept of public administrative service system, the seamless government theory, service-oriented government theory, based on a thorough research for the construction of Dalian public administration four service system, a comprehensive introduction to the status quo of Dalian city public administration four service system construction, through comprehensive analysis and conclusion, summarizing the Dalian city four public administrative service system construction achievements, put forward the problems, analyze the causes, and learn from the advanced experience of domestic and foreign public administrative service system construction, combined with the actual work of Dalian City, put forward the operation optimization scheme of the four level service system of Dalian public administration. The optimization scheme is to define the functions and responsibilities of the four level service system, the effective integration of public administrative resources, construction standardization system and the use of information technology means to achieve the equalization of public services, convenience four administrative service system to create a standard uniform, consistent experience, cross-border collaboration, efficient operation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service oriented government, Four level service system of Public Administration, Standardization, Promotion of information technology
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