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Study On The Problem Of Improving Public Service Ability Of Grass-Roots Civil Servants

Posted on:2018-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330536459179Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of market economy and administrative system reform,building a service-oriented government has become the government reform and the development direction of our country,the eighteen Party Congress report also clearly put forward to promote the functions of the government to create a favorable environment for development,to provide quality public services,which requires a high-quality,professional civil servants of the party the policy of the concrete implementation of the civil service act,civil servants as the main civil servants,is the executor of government functions,is the bridge and link between the government and the masses,the service ability directly on behalf of the government’s ruling ability,improve the grass-roots civil servants of the public service ability has become a strategic task of building a service type the government.In recent years,China’s civil service ability construction has accumulated some experience,but the public service ability evaluation standard is fuzzy,not classified clearly defined,and with the continuous change of social development and economic situation,the public service ability and people’s demand of civil servants increasingly incompatible,such as the current part of the grass-roots civil servants are public service consciousness,cultural quality and professional ability is low,the lack of legal awareness,these problems have hindered China’s service-oriented government process,reduce the credibility of the government in the people’s heart,affected the stability and development of harmonious society,has become a very urgent and realistic issue.The importance of grass-roots civil servants and the real problem is prompted me to in-depth study of the reason,hope that through the analysis and thinking to explore and improve public service ability of grass-roots civil servants Path,in order to provide useful exploration for the construction of the service oriented government in China.This paper mainly has five parts,the first part is the introduction,mainly introduces the research background and significance,research status,research methods,innovation and research framework,the second part is the grass-roots civil servants public service capacity overview includes the definition of related concepts,improve the grass-roots civil servants public service capacity of the meaning and theoretical basis the third part of the status of public service capacity of China’s grass-roots civil servants are analyzed,including the introduction of the present practice,points out the existing problems and reasons,the fourth part introduces the ability construction of grass-roots civil servants,the experience of developed countries,has a certain inspiration and reference to improve the ability of grass-roots civil servants in our country,the fifth part pointed out the countermeasures to improve the public service ability the grass-roots civil servants,should pay attention to the concept of public service updates,enhancing public awareness of service,strengthen the grass-roots civil servants training and ability Develop and refine service evaluation standards,strengthen supervision and management,introduce the service evaluation system of citizen participation,and perfect relevant laws and regulations.
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