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Study On Urban Stormwater Management In Wuhan

Posted on:2018-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512487803Subject:Public Management
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With high intensity and speed up the development of city and the city construction,the city hydrological cycle the system suffered serious damage,city rain and flood safety of our country is facing a serious threat,the city waterlogging disasters in recent years has become a hot social concern problem.The traditional drainage method based on row has been unable to solve the problem of waterlogging.The developed countries have also faced the problem of city waterlogging,but after several years of exploration and research,and gradually formed a number of unique new stormwater management system and obtain certification and inspection in the later practice,effectively alleviate the city waterlogging problem,and achieved good results.The runoff management mechanism under the condition of green infrastructure to waterlogging problems in Wuhan city as the starting point,detailed analysis of causes of waterlogging problems in Wuhan City,targeted to put forward the corresponding countermeasures and measures,from the aspect of theoretical research to provide support for the strategy of Wuhan city to deal with the problem of waterlogging resolve.This paper introduces the domestic and foreign research progress of stormwater management and advanced rainwater management system,including the United States and Australia stormwater management system of water sensitivity of city design,the British representative refers to the sustainable water system,Germany,New Zealand and other countries,domestic experience is mainly based on practice,the planning of Beijing economic and Technological Development Shenzhen District,Guangming New District,low impact development,Zhuzhou City Qingshuitang ecological new town core area of stormwater management planning.With this as a reference to explore the city of Wuhan City waterlogging and the "sea" phenomenon.Through literature research,statistical analysis,on-the-spot investigation and found the city of Wuhan in rain and flood management exist in the management of old-mouth lack of cooperation,lack of planning:the lack of systematic planning,neglect of green infrastructure functions-stream destruction,consciousness--do not attach importance to rainwater utilization,public participation consciousness,management the lag of relevant regulations and policy support lagging pipeline network and other municipal construction management and the lack of regulations,lack of other problems.Finally,put forward the long-term,scientific planning,the combination of distance,emergency first,strengthen maintenance,tamp foundation,coordination,strict supervision,strengthen the propaganda and public opinion guide city stormwater management countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Stormwater management, urban waterlogging, Wuhan
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