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The Study On The Precision Of Public Service Supply Of Guangzhou City Grassroots Government Under The Background Of "Internet Plus"

Posted on:2018-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330512491509Subject:Administrative Management
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With the advent of the Internet era,people’s living habits gradually networked.Using the Internet to acquire demand and information has become an important means.In the 2015 government work report,Premier Li Keqiang proposed the action plan of "the development of the Internet plus ",which indicates that "Internet plus" has begun to be raised to the level of national strategy,so that the attention of the community is rapidly aroused.Since reform and opening up,Guangzhou positively promotes the urbanization development process,the urbanization degree unceasing enhanceme nt.Moreover,the economy develops rapidly and the city dweller’s life enhances constantly.But whether it can provide the precise public service to meet the urban resident public service pluralistic complex demand,this brings the new chal enge to Guangzhou city government,especially the urban grassroots government.As a primary governme nt,urban grass roots provide services directly to urban residents,and they listen to urban residents’ demands as well as accept urban residents’ supervision.Furthermore,the level of public service supply is an important indicator of ruling level.But the grassroots government in Guangzhou is still unable to provide accurate public service for urban residents.Therefore,how the urban grassroots government in Guangzho u provides the precise public service has realistic necessity and urgency,while the arrival of "Internet plus" can provide the effective thinking for the urban grassroots government’s public service precision supply in Guangzhou.This article is divided into five chapters: the first chapter is the introduction.This part mainly introduces the background,significance,the research summary,the research thought and the frame as well as the research method.The second chapter is about the basic concept and the theoretical foundation.The basic concept of this paper is "Internet plus",urban grassroots Government,public service delivery precision.And the theoretical basis is the service-oriented government theory and network governance theory.The third chapter introduces the non-precise performance of the public service supply of the urban grassroots government in Guangzhou.Then the paper analyzes the consequence of the non-precision of the public service supply of the urban grassroots government in Guangzhou.The fourth chapter explains the new opportunity of using "Internet plus" to realize the precision of the public service supply of the urban grassroots government in Guangzhou,which helps to ensure the time and space of thepublic service supply,the crowd,the level of precision.The fifth chapter puts forward the realizing path of Guangzhou City grassroots government public service deliver ing precision under the background of "Internet plus".Based on the "Internet plus",the government should accurately capture public service demand information,promote the cross-sectional synergy in public service supply,carry out the full control of public service supply,and strengthen the participation of the public service supply mult ip le subjects.
Keywords/Search Tags:"Internet plus", Guangzhou city grassroots Government, public service supply, precision
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